April 2008

Sheila is really not happy about being put up on the block by her partner and swears that she would never have put him up.

Ryan thinks his nominations are spineless.

Adam knows that Ryan is pissed and has made himself the biggest target in the house.

Sheila is as mad as hell with Adam and tells him. He tries to tell her not to worry about it and that she’ll be off the block in a few days. He tells her that he’d save her.

Sheila talks to Ryan to continuing venting her frustration.

James tells them that if they want him out of the house, then all they need to do is win the PoV.

Natalie, Ryan and Sheila talk about Adam. Natalie wants to vote him out next week.

Sharon talks to Adam who wants to know if he did the right thing. Adam is having second thoughts and wonders if he did the wrong thing.

Adam talks to Sheila and wonders if he has cost himself the game. Adam talks to Natalie and says he has stirred the pot for no reason and then yells “I’m a moron”.

Ryan comes in and Adam says he never did this to screw them. They know that it’s all do or die now and that they have to win in order to get rid of James once and for all.

James has promised that he wont use the veto if he wins it. Natalie is concerned that if he does win it and uses it then it could be her or Ryan that are going home.

James, Natalie and Adam talk and Natalie says that if she wins the HoH next week, he wont be going on the block.

James and Sharon talk and Sharon can’t believe Natalie’s stories about wanting to work with James after she’d been gunning for him for weeks.

At night, James and Sharon talk about the relationships they’ve made in the house. James misses Chelsia.

Sheila is complaining about how no one cleans anything around the place and she is doing it all. She wonders how they were raised after they don’t do anything around the place and wonders the environments they live in at home.

At the veto competition, the house guests have to race to find numbers of dates. If everyone gets the right number then it is the last person back who is eliminated. If there are multiple wrong guesses then the person with the furtherest away is eliminated. James is last back but Natalie is furtherest away and is first cut. Second round, Sheila and James are wrong but James beat Sheila back so Sheila is cut. Natalie is starting to think James is going to win again sneaking home each time. But third time is the charm and James gets cut. Sharon is next leaving Ryan and Adam. Ryan takes it out and wins the veto.

Sheila is happy that Ryan won while James knows that his fighting spirit is going to have to come into play again if he wants to stick around.

Natalie, Sheila and Ryan are all pretty happy about Ryan’s win.

Sheila talks to Sharon who tells her that Natalie has been trying to work with James. Sharon says she was pissed when she heard that. Sheila trusts no one but herself in the game.

Sheila talks to Ryan and discusses how others are going to turn on each other as the game gets towards the end. Not her though she promises.

James begs Ryan not to use the veto. James says Natalie is a threat as well as him. James lays out some scenarios and wants some love.

Ryan is contemplating sticking with his alliance or flipping out and joining Sharon and James.

At the nomination ceremony, Ryan decides to use the veto on Sheila. Adam then puts James up with Sharon.

James realises that his number is almost up. Sharon is hoping no one upsets the apple cart and that James is going.

After the weekly recap, Steve Guttenberg dances the “mango” with Jonathan Roberts.

The leaderboard this week is as follows:
10th Marissa & Tony with 19
6th Steve & Anna with 21
6th Mario & Karina with 21
6th Marlee & Fabian with 21
6th Adam & Julianne with 21
5th Jason & Edyta with 23
4th Shannon & Derek with 24
3rd Christian & Cheryl with 25
2nd Priscilla & Louis with 26
1st Kristi & Mark with 27

Kylie Minogue performs Kylie Minogue - X - All I See All I See and then Kylie Minogue - Fever - Can't Get You out of My Head Can’t Get You Out of My Head.

The bottom two this week are Steve & Anna and Mario & Karina.

Going Home: Steve & Anna

Tonight our Stars take to the floor together as both the

Marlee & Fabian
Billy Joel - Greatest Hits, Vols. 1 & 2 - You May Be Right You May Be Right
Judges Score
Carrie Ann Inaba 7
Len Goodman 7
Bruno Tonioli 7
Last Week: 24

Steve & Anna
Judges Score
Carrie Ann Inaba 7
Len Goodman 7
Bruno Tonioli 7
Last Week: 16

Christian & Cheryl
Queen - Queen: Greatest Hits I & II - Don't Stop Me Now Don’t Stop Me Now
Judges Score
Carrie Ann Inaba 8
Len Goodman 8
Bruno Tonioli 9
Last Week: 20

Mario & Karina
The Police - The Very Best of Sting & The Police - Roxanne Roxanne
Judges Score
Carrie Ann Inaba 7
Len Goodman 6
Bruno Tonioli 8
Last Week: 26

Shannon & Derek
Adam Ant - The Essential Adam Ant - Goody Two Shoes Goody Two Shoes
Judges Score
Carrie Ann Inaba 8
Len Goodman 8
Bruno Tonioli 8
Last Week: 24

Adam & Julianne
Alma Cogan - Classic Years - I Can't Tell a Waltz from a Tango I Can’t Tell a Waltz from a Tango
Judges Score
Carrie Ann Inaba 7
Len Goodman 7
Bruno Tonioli 7
Last Week: 19

Marissa & Tony
Avril Lavigne - Girlfriend - Single - Girlfriend Girlfriend
Judges Score
Carrie Ann Inaba 6
Len Goodman 7
Bruno Tonioli 6
Last Week: 21

Priscilla & Louis
Judges Score
Carrie Ann Inaba 8
Len Goodman 9
Bruno Tonioli 9
Last Week: 21

Jason & Edyta
Ray Charles - Pure Genius: The Complete Atlantic Recordings (1952-1959) [Remastered] - I've Got a WomanI’ve Got A Woman
Judges Score
Carrie Ann Inaba 8
Len Goodman 7
Bruno Tonioli 8
Last Week: 27

Kristi & Mark
Duran Duran - Rio - Rio Rio
Judges Score
Carrie Ann Inaba 9
Len Goodman 9
Bruno Tonioli 9
Last Week: 27

See here for the voting numbers.

Last night’s broadcast of The 2008 JUNO Awards on CTV was the most-watched program of the night on Canadian television with 1.45 million viewers.* Up 56% compared to last year’s broadcast (925,000), it was the second most-watched JUNO Awards ever on CTV, according to BBM Nielsen Media Research, since Shania Twain hosted from Ottawa in 2003**. A detailed audience analysis based on preliminary overnight research indicates that:

* the two-hour awards special was watched in all or in part by 4.3 million Canadians in total.
* the audience peaked at 1.7 million viewers when the legendary Anne Murray took to the stage with Sarah Brightman and Jann Arden.
* it was the most-watched program in primetime in Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary.
* it delivered more than double the viewers than The Trojan Horse: Part 2 on CBC (579,000).
* from 8-9 p.m., it delivered 73% more viewers than Big Brother on Global/NBC (836,000) and from 9-10 p.m. delivered 86% more viewers than Family Guy on Global (778,000).

“An incredible host, a terrific line-up, a fantastic production and enthusiastic host city all aligned to deliver one of the most memorable JUNO Awards broadcasts in years,” said Susanne Boyce, President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc.

Highlights from the broadcast are now available on demand on The CTV Broadband Network at junos.CTV.ca. As well, MuchMoreMusic presents an encore broadcast of The 2008 JUNO Awards on Thursday, April 10 at 8 p.m. ET.

CTV’s one-hour pre-show, eTalk at the JUNOS, attracted 434,000 viewers on CTV, Star! and FashionTelevision, for its red carpet arrivals special at 7 p.m. Hosted by eTalk’s Ben Mulroney, Tanya Kim and MuchMoreMusic personality Traci Melchor, the star-studded special featured presenters, performers, nominees and celebrities including Feist, Avril Lavigne, Hedley, Finger Eleven, Tom Cochrane, Blue Rodeo, Anne Murray, Jully Black and illScarlett. Mulroney, Kim and Melchor shared an impromptu red carpet dance with crooner Michael Bublé, who went on to win the JUNO Fan Choice Award before wowing the crowd with his intimate performance of “Everything.” eTalk continues their exclusive coverage of the 2008 JUNO Awards – including interviews from backstage in the exclusive eTalk Lounge – with a 30-minute wrap-up special tonight from Calgary at 7 p.m. ET on CTV.

Hosted by comic sensation Russell Peters from Calgary’s Pengrowth Saddledome, The 2008 JUNO Awards saw indie darling Leslie Feist take home a total of five JUNO awards, three of which – Single of the Year, Pop Album of the Year and Album of the Year – were delivered to her during the CTV broadcast.

Peters proved to be an edgy and hilarious host, sharing laughs – and wardrobe tips – with Calgary’s own Jann Arden, dancing with Jully Black during Black’s closing number, “Seven Day Fool” and making four wardrobe changes.

Seven awards were handed out over the course of the broadcast. In addition to Feist taking home three trophies, Michael Bublé was the JUNO Fan Choice Award winner (presented by Doritos), Blue Rodeo captured Group of the Year, Paul Brandt won for Country Recording of the Year, and Wintersleep was named New Group of the Year (sponsored by FACTOR and Canada’s Private Radio Broadcasters). Veteran Canadian rock act Triumph was inducted into the Canadian Music Hall of Fame. A complete list of winners can be found at www.junoawards.ca or www.junos.CTV.ca.

Performance-wise, Alberta’s favourite sons – Aaron Lines, Gord Bramford, Johnny Reid, Paul Brandt and Shane Yellowbird – paid tribute to Calgary and the JUNO host province with “Alberta Bound.” Avril Lavigne, Finger Eleven and Hedley all rocked out, while Measha Brueggergosmon paid tribute to the late Oscar Peterson and Bublé got intimate by crooning “Everything” to the crowd. Musical legend Anne Murray appeared in a special duet with Jann Arden, singing “Somebody’s Always Saying Goodbye,” before Murray teamed with Sarah Brightman for a sentimental version of Murray’s “Snowbird.”

The 2008 JUNO Awards was supported by a comprehensive multi-platform campaign involving on-air, radio, outdoor and online promotions; on-air promos featured numerous JUNO performers and nominees including Anne Murray (with Jann Arden & Sarah Brightman), Avril Lavigne, Feist, Finger Eleven, Hedley, Jully Black and Michael Bublé in eight, distinct 30-second spots on CTV and across CTV Inc. channels; outdoor transit shelter billboards, LRT station posters and LRT train decals in Calgary; 30-second radio ads in Calgary and Toronto; and custom online promotions running across the CTV family of websites, plus on external sites for additional exposure.

The 2009 JUNO Awards, Canada’s Music Awards, will air on CTV on March 29, 2009 from Vancouver, British Columbia. It will be the eighth year in a row that The JUNO Awards will air on CTV, the official broadcast partner of the JUNO Awards. Since 2002, CTV has presented The JUNO Awards from across Canada, bringing a local, electrifying stadium show to millions of Canadian viewers at home.

The 2008 JUNO Awards is produced by Insight Productions in association with CTV and the Canadian Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (CARAS). Executive producers are John Brunton and Barbara Bowlby for Insight Productions and Melanie Berry and Stephen Stohn for CARAS. Louise Wood is Producer and Donna Luke is Line Producer. Rob Farina is Vice-President of Programming for CHUM Radio. Ed Robinson is Executive Vice-President, Programming, CTV. Susanne Boyce is President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc.

Broadcast sponsors for The 2008 JUNO Awards are Pontiac, Doritos, TD Canada Trust and Rogers.

This week, the girls are told that some of them will be having one on one dates with Matthew. If they’re not given a rose during the date, then they’ll be going homw.

Amanda tells Holly that she has a one on one date with Matthew at the Made of Honor premiere in Hollywood.

Outside the Chinese theatre, the limo pulls up and the photographers are waiting. Matthew and Holly kiss for the cameras as they walk the red carpet and Holly feels like a real celebrity. They put their hands in concrete and Matt writes Matt + Holly with a heart.

The cinema is empty and they have the theatre to themselves. Afterwards, Holly and Matthew head to the roof of a nearby building where Matthew wants to hear about the children books.

Another date box arrives and Marshana informs Kristine, Amanda, Chelsea, Erin, Noelle, Robin, herself, Kelly, Ashlee and Amy. Shayne is wondering what that leaves her with. She got the one on one date. Ashlee doesn’t look impressed.

Matthew tells Holly that he wonders if they are too comfortable and maybe the electricity between them is missing.

Back at the house, the concrete with the hand prints arrives and they can’t believe it says Matt loves Holly.

Holly and Matt are in the hot tub together and they kiss and Matthew gives her the rose and they kiss again.

Matthew greets the girls and gives them an introduction to Rugby. Ashlee says she can’t stand any of that football rubbish.

Robin volunteers first and puts it all into it. Matthew helps Amanda get into it.

Holly has a spray tanner that she lets Shayne use. Shayne says that all she needs is a treadmill and she’ll be set.

Matthew wants Kelly and Marshana as the captains to pick the teams. Ashlee was the last one picked. Chelsea jokes that if you wear long, fake eyelashes to a rugby game then you deserve to get picked last.

The aggression comes out when they play and Chelsea knocks Ashlee over. Marshana gets knocked and is bleeding and says she needs help. She has a cut lip and chelsea feels bad until she sees her sitting on the sideline keeping Matthew to herself.

Matthew says that they’ve outdone his expectations and to celebrate they’re heading back for a party.

They all get to see his bachelor pad which is amazing. Downstairs there are two masseuses. The girls get into their bikinis and Matt absolutely loves it.

Kelly, as the winning captain, is invited to have a massage with him. She then decides to give him a massage instead of the masseuses.

Robin talks to Matthew and tells him that she wants to stay but doesn’t want to be the one who does stupid things to get his attention. Matthew invites Robin to join him in the jacuzzi where they start to kiss.

Matt talks to Amanda and wants to stand out amongst the other girls. While they are talking about music, Noelle and Kristine come out. It’s an awkward moment.

There is a date box that arrives and the card says “romance awaits” and there is a bottle of wine. Shayne is excited.

Matthew knows that there will be nine disappointed ladies after today and gives the rose to Robin for her company this evening and for her work on the football field. Kelly and Chelsea are totally jealous.

Matthew meets Shayne and takes her wine tasting. The other girls look on jealously.

Matthew has some big concerns about Shayne and their personality clashes. Matthew wants to know about her parents but she is a little hesitant. Her father was on the TV show Renegade. Matthew is concerned that being 22 and being an actress makes her not ready for marriage which he is ultimately after.

Shayne admits that she is high maintenance. She says she is into cars, shoes, handbags, watches and sunglasses and thinks that if you have that then you don’t need anything else. Shayne’s stomach drops when she realises that there is a rose on the table that she needs by the end of the night to stay in the game.

Matthew and Shayne have desert on a lambskin run in front of a fire. She tells him that she took a risk coming on the show. They share an amazing kiss and Matthew sneaks off to get the rose without her knowing. He springs it on her and she gratefully accepts it.

Matthew arrives back at the house and they know that three more will be leaving soon so it’s all on to score a rose. Chelsea and Matt kiss and he thinks she’s a great kisser.

Noelle is adamant that she’ll be going soon because she hasn’t really had a chance to get to know Matt and vice versa.

Robin already has a rose but steals Matthew for some more time. Some of the other girls see her and get incredibly annoyed. They decide to go and interrupt. They do and then Shayne gives Robin a lecture about how rude it was to interrupt when others haven’t had more time with Matt. Robin thought that the whole point of the competition was to take Matt from everyone else. Robin says she is going to fight for what she wants.

Holly pulls Matt away to relive their date and go to see the concrete hand prints. She is hurt that she didn’t get a chance to talk to him. He says he’d missed her and they kiss and she’s very happy.

At the Rose Ceremony, Matthew hands out the remaining six roses to Amanda, Ashlee, Kelly, Chelsea and Noelle take the first five with the final rose going to Marshana.

Sharon and James are feeling more and more isolated in the house as they’re becoming broken down. Adam loves seeing them get broken down and wants to see what they’re made of now.

Natalie had a dream a few nights ago that Adam would win HoH. James wants to kick himself in the face for not winning. Natalie says Team Christ is kicking ass.

James and Sharon try and figure out how to change their precarious position. James is getting really aggrivated by the people left in the game.

James decides to play out the week and says he and Sharon will be up on the block, James will win POV again and then Sheila will go up. Adam wants to play it like that and torment Sheila some more.

Adam goes to his Head of Household room and reads a letter form home that says he has a bunch of ladies lining up to be with him.

Adam, Ryan and Natalie talk as Sheila is outside talking with Sharon and James.

Adam talks to James who is sorry that he has no on in the house.

Crazy James reckons he is not leaving the house is going to win. He’s posing in front of the mirrors.

James loves tormenting Sheila. James, Ryan and Adam run toilet paper all through her room. Natalie jumps out of the trash can at her. Sheila laughs but is freaked out.

Outside, the girls know something is going on. While Sheila is sun bathing, James comes over and tips a cup of flour on her face. She is a little tired of being constantly abused.

Sheila misses everyone and talks to Adam about it. Adam misses everyone too but isn’t crying about it. Sheila says that Adam is the only one Adam can talk to in the house and completely trusts him. Very different from when they first came into the house.

Ryan and Sharon work out an alliance to go to the final two together. Ryan talks to Adam about maybe making the block stand with James and Sheila.

The food competition is on and Ryan is ready to be off Slop and eating real food again.

The competition involves making pathways on a slope with mashed potato and then pouring gravy down it to fill containers. They work hard in their 10 minutes and take out all the food items. They’re all stoked at the win.

James talks to Adam who doesn’t like seeing him on an island. Ryan comes in and James goes silent. Adam tells him that he put him up anyway. Ryan isn’t sure and tells Natalie. Ryan says he has to put him up and that he’ll slap him upside the head if he doesn’t put him up.

Natalie comes up and is furious because if he doesn’t put James up then either Ryan or Natalie would go home. They’re frantically trying to change his mind.

James talks to Adam again and says he needs to take a risk. Adam is in a difficult position. James is desperate to keep himself in but Adam tells him that it’s too little too late. James cries. He says it’s not about the game. He says everyone is isolating him and he is breaking down. They’re sorry because he is still a person.

At the nomination ceremony, Adam has decided what is best for him in the game. He’s put Sharon and Sheila up on the block. Adam says that it is all about performing at the PoV and he wants to make the Veto Challenge a monumental battle. Sheila is pissed that Adam has put her on the block.

Ryan and Natalie don’t understand and think he’s made 1 friend and 3 enemies.

There will be two group dates this week with a rose up for grabs at each date. If a girl can score the rose then they will be safe at the next rose ceremony.

Carri opens the first Date Box and reads out the names of the girls who will be going on the first date this week. Ashlee, Kristine, Marshana, Noelle, Michelle, Amanda, Erin H and Carri. The card also reads “come runway with me”.

When the girls arrive to meet Matthew they learn that they’re not there to see a show, they’re there to put on a show. Erin H is excited and mortified all at the same time.

Marshana shows off and owns how to model.

Noelle is full of butterflies. Michelle thinks there is a bundle of nerves coming out of Kristine.

Holly moonwalks but Amanda impresses the most when she takes off her shirt.

Matthew takes the girls to a penthouse suite in Hollywood where he will get the chance to sit down with each of them to get to know them a little better before he has to decide who will get the rose.

Marshana talks to Matthew about whether or not he has seriously considered inter-racial dating. He’s not bothered by it and sets her at ease.

Erin H is pissed when she hears Michelle start to sing.

The next group recieve their Date box which has a card that reads “take a gamble on love and show me the city of sin”. They all cheer that they’re going to Vegas.

Robin is excited to be going to vegas and is looking forward to some alone time.

Ashlee wants to kiss Matthew and tells him that she had been staring at his lips all day. He kisses her. He then gets up and walks inside passed the other girls who look extremely jealous as he gives Ashlee the rose for being so forward with him. When Matthew announces it to the group however, Ashlee acts like a little child and is quite arrogant and proud of beating the other girls for the rose. Marshana says that should have some humility.

Erin H thinks Ashlee is a young 22 year old. When they ask her if she kissed him she is silent. They all know that she did.

Matthew and his dates go to Paris, Las Vegas. Shayne wants to run away with him. Matthew gives the girls $1000 in chips each and wants them to go and gamble for 30 minutes and the girl with the most chips at the end will get half an hour with him.

While the girls are gambling, Robin talks to Matthew and spends some time with him. Shayne puts everything on Red and loses everything. Kelly wins with $2100 worth of chips and spends 30 minutes with Matthew over dinner.

Shayne isn’t wanting to put up with having 19 other girls bid for Matthew’s attention. Matthew thinks that she’s incredibly attractive but her drama is too much of a turn off.

Matthew takes all the girls to the Napolean suite to decide who should have the rose.

Shayne is incredibly jealous at the other girls wanting to talk to Matthew when she does. Matthew talks to Chelsea who tells him she is stubborn.

Shayne didn’t realise how intense the game would be. Where ever Matthew goes, Shayne isn’t too far away keeping an eye on things.

Erin S is hopeful that she will be taking the rose but it’s Chelsea. Shayne is not finding this very fun at all and isn’t sure this whole process is worth it to her.

Matthew talks to Chelsea some more and she is very giggly.

Robin talks to Matthew and managers to get some kissing action. When she comes back inside, the other girls notice that her lip gloss is missing. Marshana wants in on the action. They dance and the other girls peep through the window. Matthew wants to kiss her but doesn’t because of the audience.

Carri gets some alone time and also sings for Matthew and tells him she is an opera singer. Erin H now wants to sing too because she really wants that rose.

Erin S hopes to get a rose tonight but threatens that she will make a big scene if she doesn’t.

Shayne talks to Matthew and says that she acted the way she did because she has feelings growing for him. Shayne says that she is there for him and them.

The second rose ceremony arrives and Matthew says he’s been dreading the moment. He calls out the girls one by one. Robin, Holly, Erin S, Amanda, Kelly, Amy, Kristine, Marshana and Noelle. The final rose goes to Shayne.

Carri, Erin H and Michelle are leaving disappointed.

Shayne - The Bachelor: London Calling

Shayne is a 22 year old Actress from Toluca Lake, CA


Robin - The Bachelor: London Calling

Robin is a 22 year old Advertising Coordinator from Orlando, FL

Noelle - The Bachelor: London Calling

Noelle is a 26 year old Photographer from Hollywood, CA