Howie Mandel's new show: Howie do it

Global Television and NBC confirmed today its broadcasting deal with Howie Mandel (host of hit game show “Deal or No Deal”) for an unscripted comedy series “Howie Do It” (working title) in which he will star and produce. The series will be filmed in Canada. The Global and NBC broadcast simulcast is slated for 08/09.

“We are thrilled to be co-commissioning this project with NBC from Howie Mandel’s production company. Following the enormous success of “Deal or No Deal Canada” on Global last year and the continued appeal of the original series “Deal or No Deal”, we are excited to be the exclusive Canadian broadcasting partner for this brand new series,” said Barbara Williams, Executive Vice President, Content, Canwest Broadcasting.

“America loves Howie and we’re so lucky to have another great show that will showcase his unique signature humour,” said Craig Plestis, Executive Vice President, Alternative Programming, Development and Specials, NBC Entertainment.

The series is from Mandel’s production company Alevy Production in association with 3 Arts. Mandel, Scott Hallock (“Scare Tactics”), Kevin Healey (“Spy TV”), Morgan Elliot and Michael Rotenberg are the executive producers.

Mandel’s versatile career has encompassed virtually all aspects of the entertainment spectrum, ranging from television to film and stage. From his work on the Emmy Award-winning “St. Elsewhere” to the international (and also Emmy-nominated) “Bobby’s World”, Mandel has become a mainstay of the international comedy scene.

Mandel’s Emmy-nominated animated children series “Bobby’s World” ran eight seasons on Fox and now appears in syndication six days a week in

65 countries. As the series’ creator and executive producer, Mandel was closely involved in its writing, as well as providing the voice of Bobby, Bobby’s dad and other characters. Mandel attributes the show’s success to drawing the storylines from real life.

Mandel has done countless comedy specials both on cable and network television. He has also hosted his own syndicated talk show “The Howie Mandel Show”, and continues to be a mainstay on the talk-show circuit.

He frequently appears on NBC’s “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno”, performing his signature hidden-camera bits. He also is one of the first people that Regis Philbin calls to fill in for him when he takes a vacation from “Live with Regis and Kelly”. Mandel also continues to perform as many as 200 concerts a year throughout the United States and Canada.

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  • Barbara Crozier

    When is Howie Do It going to air?

  • Simone Vanderburg

    When is Howie do it going to air.

    I am very interested in this because they used my house to film 2 episodes?


    Simone Vanderburg

  • Theresa LeMire

    When is the first scheduled airing date? We were in the audience for the taping at Casino Windsor and don’t want to miss the premier of the show……….. Thanks


    At the Windsor Casnio Howie Mandel hadmention that he was coming back to do a sit comdey.I would love to know when will this be. I really enjoyed the show from Windsor Casnio and when is this goin on air???

  • stacey

    When is “Howie Do it” airing? by Howie Mandel When will it be telivised? we were in the audience at ceasar’s windsor when he did one of his showings. Thanks

  • randy frickey

    when is how you do it going to be on my wife and i were there for one of the shows

  • cindy

    Howie do it will be airing Jan 9th 2009 but i don’t know the time yet

  • Tina

    I have to say I enjoyed watching Howie’s new show last night, however I do feel one of the takes crossed the line with the wife that wanted to pull a prank on her husband by doing a mouth wash commercial but instead turned out to be more of a mild porn scene. At least that’s how I think the husband felt judging by his comments.
    I felt bad for him watching one of the directors take advantage of his wife (even though she was in on it). You could tell he was pretty distraught over it. I just thought it was in poor taste – especially with it being a family show. I hope there aren’t others like this as I felt this one was in poor taste.
    The rest of the show was quite good and funny. I’m a big fan of Howie Mandel and hope his new show goes well for him. I just hope they use better taste for the rest of the segments.

  • Tracy Armstrong

    OMG!!! I had a blast with my sister at the tapeing of the show at Ceasars Windsor we love howie in our house even my 12 year old watches who wants to be a millionair she wanted me to take her camera and gets pics of Howie she told me her camera holds 2000 pics.
    anyways loved it was a great time will go see Howie again for sure in April.

    Tracy and Sister Tanya

  • Chris

    I enjoy the Howie-Do-It show. I’d like to see, in conjunction, a 2nd “Howie” show called, Howie-Did-It. The concept would be to show some of the earliest acting clips of popular celebrities. Imagine seeing Brad Pitt as a baby in a diaper commercial, or Meryl Streep in her first school play. Howie-Did-it would give a humorous indication of how celebrities “did it”–how they became celebrities.
    It would be a really funny show to watch.
    Mr. Mandel could host the show in the same style of, America’s Funniest Home Videos.