S16E05 He's a Ball of Goo

Jason isn’t happy the Mikey B has gone when he wanted to see Chet going and is now fearful that they’re just going to lose from here on out.

At Malakal, they’re ready to eat Charlie the chicken. Cirie isn’t too keen on seeing a dead chicken flapping around but she still seems to sit and watch anyway.

Ozzie tells Parvati and James that he has the immunity idol.

As a surprise, Jeff tells them that they’re mixing up the tribes.

Natalie is the leader for Airai while Ozzi is the leader for Malakal. Natalie takes James. Ozzi takes Joel. James takes Alexis. Joel takes Amanda. Alexis picks Jonathan. Amanda take Eric. Jason joins Airai. Amy joins Malakal. Parvati joins Airai. Tracey joins Malakal. Kathy joins Airai. Cirie goes to Malakal. Eliza takes the last spot in Airai while Chet takes the last spot in Malakal.

The first challenge as new tribes will have team members in pairs who will have to try and take a flag off another couple. The reward is a home bbq with steak and sausages, veges and spices while there will be no exile island.

If the chasing team can’t catch the flag within a minute then the other team will earn the point. First team to three wins the reward.

Malakal win the first round. Airai just win the second round to tie things up. It’s tied at two all with a number of injuries. Who ever wins the point wins the challenge. Joel drags Chet around the course smacking him into parts of the course as he can’t keep up giving Parvati and Eliza the win for Airai.

Joel is mad about Chet and is now regretting getting rid of Mikey B.

Ozzi isn’t happy about Chet at all being dragged around the track like a sack of potatoes.

Eliza complains about the Airai beach and how they have nothing compared to what they had at Malakal. At the camp, the tide comes in and washes right into where they’ve set up the camp and puts out the fire.

Jonathan is complaining about his injuries from the challenge where a stick went into his knee. Others had fat lips and wounds. A doctor comes out to see him and numbs up his leg and puts three stitches into the hole in his knee.

Erik is smitten by Ozzi’s skill in the game. Joel is sure it’s still fans vs favorites despite the mixing up of the tribes and knows someone is going to have to flip.

At Airai, James cracks the whip with Jonathan and they build a new shelter and sort out the disastor that was the fans camp.

Amanda walks into camp with a 4 foot shark that they caught in the net. They don’t have a bbq from the challenge but they’re still eating well tonight before the next immunity challenge.

The challenge is to break tiles and release some puzzle pieces. Malakal takes the lead breaking all their tiles first while James only partially breaks two making it difficult for Airai to complete. After a huge lead, Airai come from behind to blow Malaka out of the water.

Back at camp, Joel and Erik talk about getting rid of Chet. Joel calls him spineless, a wet rag and a ball of glue and if it was back in medieval times then they would probably kill him themselves.

Ozzi talks with Joel and then come up with a pecking order as to who will go and in what order.

Cirie is worried about being removed from the tribe after Chet and tries to convince Ozzie and Parvati that Joel needs to go because he didn’t really contribute at the challenge.

At Tribal Council, in what seems to be a growing trend this season, Joel is blindsided and sent packing. Another player has been caught by surprise and can’t believe they’ve been kicked off the island.

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