S09E09 - Nominating your enemy

Matt is sad to see his boy Alex leave but he’s glad he’s still in the game.

Sharon and Joshuah talk about this week and are afraid that if they stir the fire up too much that they’ll get burnt.

Joshuah is annoyed about Allison switching vote and wants to get them for it. Ryan and Allison know they need to win.

James was happy about Joshuah and Sharon winning the HoH. Allison wasn’t happy at all.

Joshuah goes off on Allison like he did on Amanda. Ryan thinks Joshuah is psychotic and has no respect for him now.

In the diary room, Allison is not happy. She’s crying about how she has put up with a lot in the game and is sick of what is happening.

Joshuah says either he is sending her home or she is sending him home.

Joshuah and Sharon open their HoH room. There is a “princess of the day” tiara from Joshuah’s office which Matt can’t stand.

Joshuah is angry at Allison over her faked lesbian story.

Ryan tells Allison that people are annoyed over her manipulation in the game and it’s now put a target on their back.

Matt & Natalie are in bed and Matt doesn’t want to get into anything while Natalie seems quite into it. She’s confused.

At the food challenge, the couples represent different food groups and have 5 minutes to match the weight of the girl within 10 pounds or the food group they represent will be cut for the week. They have to match the weight in asparagus.

James and Chelsia get within 10 pounds and win Snacks and Beverages. Adam and Sheila bring in fruit and veges. Matt & Natalie can’t bring in carbs & a feast. Ryan and Allison just bring in Meat and Cheeses thanks to Ryans last minute decision to throw in a couple of extra handfuls of asparagus.

Natalie paints a portrait of Joshuah with nail polish on a paper towel. She flatters Joshuah and hopes that it helps in keeping them in the game for another week.

Joshuah mocks Allison some more and tries to belittle her by calling her ugly and flat chested. He can’t wait to send her home. Allison calls him immature.

Sharon says Joshuah needs to call everyone up to the HoH room for a meeting without Ryan and Allison. They talk about who should go up on the block.

Allison and Ryan are pissed about being excluded.

Matt is happy for Allison and Ryan to be sent home but he knows there will need to be a pawn and he doesn’t want to be it.

Allison comes up later and talks to Joshuah about what his problem is. It has to do with the lesbian story. Joshuah laughs at her attempts at trying to be her friend.

At the nomination ceremony, the two couples up on the block are Ryan & Allison and Matt & Natalie.

Matt is pissed that he’s nominated again.

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