S09E08 - Eviction and HoH

Sharon & Joshuah are happy to have the two strongest couples up on the block.

Operation Condor is in full effect and James is confident he has the numbers to get Alex and Amanda out at the eviction.

Amanda is trying to keep her blood sugar up.

Adam and Matt talk pacts and come up with an alliance to the end of the game.

Allison realises that Matt and Natalie really are the strongest in the house and they should take the opportunity and get rid of them now. She takes it to the rest and says that Alex and Amanda are already weak by being on Slop all week and are tired.

Matt talks to Natalie about talking to Joshuah and Sheila about keeping them in the game. She’s hopeful but who knows.

Adam & Sheila vote to evict Alex & Amanda. Joshuah & Sharon vote to evict Alex & Amanda. Allison & Ryan also vote for Alex & Amanda to go.

So that’s it. Alex & Amanda are gone.

At the next HoH competition words of love and is centered around the quotes that are framed around the house. Julie will ask a question relating to those quotes and the couples must name the author. Who ever rings their bell and answers correctly can eliminate one of the others left. If they answer and are wrong, then they will be out. The women will face off with the winner facing off against the winner of the men’s challenge.

Sharon eliminates Allison. Sharons answers correctly again and then eliminates Sheila. Sharon answers correctly again and wipes Natalie out.

For the men, Ryan answers incorrectly and is out. Joshuah then eliminates Matt and then Joshuah cleans up with the third question giving Sharon and Joshuah a clean sweep and no need to face off. Joshuah and Sharon are the new Head of Household.

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