S07E13 - And the winner of the Celebrity Apprentice is...

They’ve raised over a million dollars this season. Tonight, Country Superstar Trace Adkins Trace Adkins and former tabloid editor and judge of America’s Got Talent go head to head in the chance to win the Celebrity Apprentice.

Trace is getting driven crazy by the Backstreet Boys Backstreet Boys. Trace jokes that himself, a very heterosexual cowboy and former heavyweight champion of the world – Lennox Lewis – had to go down to a drug store and buy some black nail polish. Not for their wives, but for another guy. He’s not impressed.

Piers is calling in some big prizes including tickets to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s sequel to Phantom of the Opera. Steven is having trouble bringing in the stars though and Piers is getting worried. Trace’s country stars have arrived though.

Trace is exasperated by the lack of time and the pressure of the day. However, when his wife and girls arrive he’s speechless and the stress vanishes.

Piers has a plan to get all the celebrities loaded on alcohol as quickly as possible and tells the staff to repeat a phrase “loaded celebrities means lots of money”.

Trace has to get some medical gear for one of the Backstreet Boys who has twisted his knee. He’s still looking for wheat grass. He says the whole rider thing has made him appreciate his own position as an artist and how he has performed in pain and then had 18 inches of his colon cut out and how the “BSB” still need their Wheat Grass Juice in order to perform.

Trace has people handing over checks and cash of at least $20,000.

Piers service men arrive and he’s hoping that having them there will encourage people to bid a little higher.

Piers gets a bid for $100,000 for a tea with the Duchess of York. The dinner with Trace Adkins goes for $6000 to Ivanka Trump. Another $100,000 goes for a dinner with Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne.

American Idol‘s Simon Cowell bids $100,000 for a $10,000 shopping trip with Ivanka Trump.

Trace didn’t get the Wheat Grass for the Backstreet Boys but he introduces them and gets the party started. Trace was happy that they sounded really good despite not having the wheat grass.

In the boardroom, Piers raised $376,000 compared to Trace’s $64,000. Trace raised $38,000 on ticket sales while Piers raised $12,000.

Trace suggests that Piers infers that he was belittling his donors and Piers resents it.

The previous eliminated celebrities come out and join Trace and Piers in the boardroom for the final showdown.

Trace Adkins performs his #1 single You’re Gonna Miss Thisicon. Buy it from iTunes during the next two weeks and proceeds will be donated to Trace’s charity.

Mr Trump announces that he is going to throw in an additional $250,000 for the winners charity.

Piers fights for himself by claiming he raised over a half million dollars and won 9 out of the 11 challenges. Depsite Trace being the nice guy, Piers wins as it’s business, not personal.

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