S07E09 The Money Shot

Stephen Baldwin calls him mother and tells her that the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund has another check for $20,000.

The two teams are working for Redbook and Dial this week. Tito is going to be PM for Empressario and Carol will be the PM for Hydra.

They have to create a photo essay advertorial that supports their core values. Piers thinks the campaign needs to be directed at women in their 30’s who have lots of sex.

Stephen wants to put Trace in a bath with his guitar.

The models for Hydra’s campaign are in their early twenties and Piers thought they were too young and that Carol should front it but she didn’t want to wear all the hats.

While Tito is the PM at Empressario, Stephen is doing more of the directing. Omarossa is stepping back to let the guys take charge. She then wants to get Trace in a photo with his shirt off with two other male models. It looks a little strange.

Lennox takes charge and the shoot with is great.

Tito starts getting frustrated with Stephen who is trying to dictate the direction of the campaign.

Piers does the presentation for Hydra while Omarosa does the presentation to start and then when Tito takes over, he seems to struggle with the presentation. Omarosa is sure they have lost and will go after Tito for cutting her image.

In the boardroom, The Donald tells Hydra that they won.

Once Donald Trump starts to find out what went wrong, Tito says Omarosa pushed the PM on him after she originally wanted it until mr Trump had said the PM would probably get fired. Tito is annoyed that she wont front up to what she said.

At the end though, Tito is fired.

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