March 2008

10pm Tuesday, April 1

In the second part of a two-part episode (Part 1 airs Monday, March 31 at 10 p.m. ET), Horatio deals with his past, which includes Julia (guest star Elizabeth Berkley), as the team races against time to save Calleigh from kidnappers.

9pmTuesday, April 1

Following the performances of the remaining 10 couples, one celebrity dancer will be eliminated from the competition.

8pm Tuesday, April 1

Tonight the remaining nine finalists perform the songs of mentor Dolly Parton live as they vie for the American Idol crown. The contestants sing their hearts out in hopes of winning America’s votes and surviving another week in the competition.

It shouldn’t be a major surprise as to who is going home tonight but I guess anything can happen.

Natalie has come around and agrees that they need to split up Chelsia and James.

Sharon isn’t stressing about going home as she’s confident she has the majority in the house. Chelsia feels that she has no one to turn to, other than James, but he can’t help her. She is annoyed at the position she finds herself in. She feels that having feelings for James has screwed her chances at winning the game which is what she came in to do. James consoles her.

Natalie mocks someone’s laugh and then thinks that Alzheimer’s is All-timers.

They dye some eggs for easter and Chelsia is over being nice to her and decides that she is going to go out with a bang. Chelsia takes the eggs and smashes them everywhere. Natalie says that if she acted like that then her family wouldn’t have anything to do with her. She smashes the eggs and taunts Natalie and then asks what they’re going to do, evict her?

Natalie stays strong as Chelsia self destructs. James says it sucks seeing her turn into a raging bitch and he distances himself from her as she is affecting his game.

Chelsia has a long rant before the vote. Natalie votes to evict Chelsia. Joshuah votes to evict Chelsia. Ryan votes to evict Chelsia. Sheila votes to evict Chelsia as well before James finally comes in to make it a 5 – 0 vote.

Chelsia mouths off once more she leaves. Sharon is relieved to still be around.

The next HoH competition takes place again. It’s called Big Brother election. The first person to answer seven questions correctly will win. After 3 questions, James is last and Natalie is in the lead. After 7 questions, Natalie is given the HoH and she is overwhelmed at the prospect of seeing her family photos.

Weekdays at 7pm ET/ 7:30pm

Monday, March 31– ET Canada’s Rick Campanelli is in Orlando, Florida for WrestleMania XXIV.

Wednesday, April 2 – Golden Globe winner Sarah Jessica Parker talks about her new flick Smart People.

Sunday, April 5 at 11:30pm ET/PT

Viewer Favourite Christopher Walken guest hosts with musical group Panic at the Disco.

Friday, April 4 at 9pm ET/PT

High schoolers Linda and Izzy are accused of soliciting murder for killing a classmate of theirs and it’s up to Elizabeth, who is fresh out of an overnight jail stay for an indictment for jury tampering, to save them. Little does Elizabeth know, but Linda secretly switches lawyers and now blames Izzy for everything.

Friday, April 4 at 8pm ET/PT

A new contestant is put to the challenge of recalling events from their past in an effort to win money.

Thursday, April 3 at 8pm ET/PT

Bill and Roman’s disagreements result in lawsuits from both sides as well as unwanted houseguests from the compound. Sarah learns about her family’s history from her grandmother and Joey confides in Barb.

Thursday, April 3 at 8pm ET/PT

Girl Power transpires when a few of the women from one tribe devise a plan to target the strong men. Alone and isolated, one castaway takes desperate measures to stay in the game.