March 2008

David Cook
David Cook

Original: Lionel Richie - 20th Century Masters - The Millennium Collection: The Best of Lionel Richie - Hello Hello
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Michael Johns
Michael Johns

Original: Billy Idol - Billy Idol: Greatest Hits - Don't You (Forget About Me) Don’t You (Forget About Me)
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Danny Noriega
Danny Noriega

Original: Soft Cell - The Very Best of Soft Cell - Tainted Love Tainted Love
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Luke Menard
Luke Menard

Original: Wham! - Make It Big - Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go Wake Me Up Before You Go Go
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Stephen Baldwin calls him mother and tells her that the Carol Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund has another check for $20,000.

The two teams are working for Redbook and Dial this week. Tito is going to be PM for Empressario and Carol will be the PM for Hydra.

They have to create a photo essay advertorial that supports their core values. Piers thinks the campaign needs to be directed at women in their 30’s who have lots of sex.

Stephen wants to put Trace in a bath with his guitar.

The models for Hydra’s campaign are in their early twenties and Piers thought they were too young and that Carol should front it but she didn’t want to wear all the hats.

While Tito is the PM at Empressario, Stephen is doing more of the directing. Omarossa is stepping back to let the guys take charge. She then wants to get Trace in a photo with his shirt off with two other male models. It looks a little strange.

Lennox takes charge and the shoot with is great.

Tito starts getting frustrated with Stephen who is trying to dictate the direction of the campaign.

Piers does the presentation for Hydra while Omarosa does the presentation to start and then when Tito takes over, he seems to struggle with the presentation. Omarosa is sure they have lost and will go after Tito for cutting her image.

In the boardroom, The Donald tells Hydra that they won.

Once Donald Trump starts to find out what went wrong, Tito says Omarosa pushed the PM on him after she originally wanted it until mr Trump had said the PM would probably get fired. Tito is annoyed that she wont front up to what she said.

At the end though, Tito is fired.

Oprah’s Big Give Premieres with 1.7 Million Viewers;

W-FIVE Outskates Hockey Night in Canada with 1.1 Million Viewers

— Dexter eviscerates the competition at 10 p.m. Sunday —
O baby! Oprah’s Big Give debuted BIG on CTV last night when 1.7 million viewers tuned in to the series premiere. The entertaining and heart-warming addition to CTV’s spring schedule was the most-watched program of the day nationally among total viewers as well as the key advertising demos A25-54 (1.01 million) and A18-49 (960,000). The program was also No. 1 among total viewers and A25-54 in Toronto and Vancouver.

At 10 p.m. Sunday, an all-new episode of CTV’s Dexter delivered 1.02 million viewers to become the most-watched program in its timeslot among total viewers, A25-54 and A18-49. Dexter was the No. 3 show of the night following Oprah’s Big Give and CTV Evening News (#2, 1.08 million).

On Saturday night, CTV’s W-FIVE delivered more viewers than Hockey Night in Canada (CBC,1.09 million) and won the night with 1.12 million viewers. The shocking W-FIVE episode uncovered startling facts about a Toronto gynecologist and the medical system that prevents the public from learning about their surgeon’s track record.

Source: Preliminary overnight data, CTV Full and Global Full (BBM Nielsen Media Research).

Matt is sad to see his boy Alex leave but he’s glad he’s still in the game.

Sharon and Joshuah talk about this week and are afraid that if they stir the fire up too much that they’ll get burnt.

Joshuah is annoyed about Allison switching vote and wants to get them for it. Ryan and Allison know they need to win.

James was happy about Joshuah and Sharon winning the HoH. Allison wasn’t happy at all.

Joshuah goes off on Allison like he did on Amanda. Ryan thinks Joshuah is psychotic and has no respect for him now.

In the diary room, Allison is not happy. She’s crying about how she has put up with a lot in the game and is sick of what is happening.

Joshuah says either he is sending her home or she is sending him home.

Joshuah and Sharon open their HoH room. There is a “princess of the day” tiara from Joshuah’s office which Matt can’t stand.

Joshuah is angry at Allison over her faked lesbian story.

Ryan tells Allison that people are annoyed over her manipulation in the game and it’s now put a target on their back.

Matt & Natalie are in bed and Matt doesn’t want to get into anything while Natalie seems quite into it. She’s confused.

At the food challenge, the couples represent different food groups and have 5 minutes to match the weight of the girl within 10 pounds or the food group they represent will be cut for the week. They have to match the weight in asparagus.

James and Chelsia get within 10 pounds and win Snacks and Beverages. Adam and Sheila bring in fruit and veges. Matt & Natalie can’t bring in carbs & a feast. Ryan and Allison just bring in Meat and Cheeses thanks to Ryans last minute decision to throw in a couple of extra handfuls of asparagus.

Natalie paints a portrait of Joshuah with nail polish on a paper towel. She flatters Joshuah and hopes that it helps in keeping them in the game for another week.

Joshuah mocks Allison some more and tries to belittle her by calling her ugly and flat chested. He can’t wait to send her home. Allison calls him immature.

Sharon says Joshuah needs to call everyone up to the HoH room for a meeting without Ryan and Allison. They talk about who should go up on the block.

Allison and Ryan are pissed about being excluded.

Matt is happy for Allison and Ryan to be sent home but he knows there will need to be a pawn and he doesn’t want to be it.

Allison comes up later and talks to Joshuah about what his problem is. It has to do with the lesbian story. Joshuah laughs at her attempts at trying to be her friend.

At the nomination ceremony, the two couples up on the block are Ryan & Allison and Matt & Natalie.

Matt is pissed that he’s nominated again.

Sharon & Joshuah are happy to have the two strongest couples up on the block.

Operation Condor is in full effect and James is confident he has the numbers to get Alex and Amanda out at the eviction.

Amanda is trying to keep her blood sugar up.

Adam and Matt talk pacts and come up with an alliance to the end of the game.

Allison realises that Matt and Natalie really are the strongest in the house and they should take the opportunity and get rid of them now. She takes it to the rest and says that Alex and Amanda are already weak by being on Slop all week and are tired.

Matt talks to Natalie about talking to Joshuah and Sheila about keeping them in the game. She’s hopeful but who knows.

Adam & Sheila vote to evict Alex & Amanda. Joshuah & Sharon vote to evict Alex & Amanda. Allison & Ryan also vote for Alex & Amanda to go.

So that’s it. Alex & Amanda are gone.

At the next HoH competition words of love and is centered around the quotes that are framed around the house. Julie will ask a question relating to those quotes and the couples must name the author. Who ever rings their bell and answers correctly can eliminate one of the others left. If they answer and are wrong, then they will be out. The women will face off with the winner facing off against the winner of the men’s challenge.

Sharon eliminates Allison. Sharons answers correctly again and then eliminates Sheila. Sharon answers correctly again and wipes Natalie out.

For the men, Ryan answers incorrectly and is out. Joshuah then eliminates Matt and then Joshuah cleans up with the third question giving Sharon and Joshuah a clean sweep and no need to face off. Joshuah and Sharon are the new Head of Household.

Matt is upset with James about being up on the block after he said that they wouldn’t be put up on the block. James says it’s all about lying, cheating and stealing and doing whatever you can to be there at the end.

Matt and Natalie are both desperate to win the Power of Veto or they’ll be going home.

Alex is mad with Amanda. He doesn’t want to be on the block but he is all because of her.

Natalie and Allison are playing quick draw with some cleaning bottles.

Amanda and Matt are talking with Sheila who is feeling betrayed by Allison.

Matt and Alex are really afraid and James who is swelling in his position of power.

Sheila talks to Allison and says she is feeling a weird vibe from her. Allison swears that they are fine.

Chelsia and James pick Sharon and Joshua to join them in the PoV competition and give the hosting rights to Adam.

Matt taunts James about losing today and tells Alex that next week, James is going home.

At the Power of Veto competition the couples playing must try and connect a power station with a pile of cables that are buried in containers of peanuts. The varied lengths must be joined to clips on poles down the playing field with the winners being the first team to correctly get the cables connected in the right order. Josh and Sharon complete the task, beating Alex and Amanda by only a couple of seconds.

The completed task also gives some information from the outside world. That John McCain is the front runner in the republican race and that Barack Obama has overtaken Hillary Clinton in the Democratic race for the whitehouse. Joshuah is happy to get some Britney Spears news but they’re all looking confused about the Hudson River Virus newsflash.

Allison is grooming Ryan and plucking his eyebrows. Sheila is becoming more and more frustrated with Allison who no longer hangs out with her. Natalie is surprized about Sheila’s outbursts and the supposed betrayal.

Sheila starts acting like a mental case saying Allison has turned on her and that she’s screwed her. It all sounds like she’s ranting.

Sharon tells everyone what Sheila has been saying. Everyone is wondering what she is on about. Allison is annoyed that she’s gone behind her back and been talking about her. Allison decides it’s time to confront her.

Sheila starts ranting at her and Allison says she has no idea what she’s on about. Sheila says she doesn’t want her to talk to her for the rest of the game. Ryan then comes in and it starts getting really heated.

Allison is confused as to why Sheila didn’t come and talk to her first. Sharon is talking to Allison about it when Allison runs inside and goes to the diary room. Her throat is closing up and she’s having an allergic reaction. While Allison is in there with the nurse, Amanda collapses and starts having a fit of sorts.

Someone calls out to get a glass of water but there are no glasses so someone has to get a bowl. The nurse tries to get her to drink but she’s not in good shape. Everyone else is looking on in a state of shock. The paramedics arrive and Amanda complains that all she needs is some sugar. Living on slop is her excuse.

After they have gone, everyone is wondering what is going to happen now. Despite the fact that they’re gone, they’re worried because they’re family. Joshuah feels bad for what he said to her. Alex is sad that she’s gone despite what they’ve said to each other.

James really stepped up when it got tough and surprized everyone. Sheila is also feeling terrible about Allison and it seems to be a day of regret all round.

Amanda arrives back in the house and Joshuah goes in to give her a hug and everyone is glad to have her back.

Amanda is moved that despite the fact that people don’t get on in the house, they still care about her.

Allison also comes back and everyone is happy to see she is ok too. Amanda, Allison and Sheila all make up and hope for better days in the house and to remember that it is just a game.

Joshuah and Sharon decide not to use the Power of Veto so one of the two strongest couples in the game will be going home.