March 2008

Everyone laments Chelsia’s departure. Adam laughs at her saying he needs a back bone. He wonders what for after he got her out of the house.

Natalie is over the moon that America thought she’s make a more inspirational speech if she were president. Joshuah is sure they got that one wrong.

Natalie is extremely excited about winning HoH. That side of the house is incredibly happy. James is worried about how he’s going to have to play the game this week as he is likely to be going home. Joshuah is annoyed he lost to Natalie in a mental challenge.

Natalie feels vindicated to be HoH this week and talks to Ryan and Adam who name their side of the house “Team Christ”.

Natalie makes a big deal about signs and the magical number 7. Joshuah thinks she’s crazy. Last week it was all about week 8 and this week it is number 7.

James is sure he’s going home and needs to come up with a new plan. He goes to talk to Natalie who doesn’t think she can trust him after the last time she did.

In Natalie’s HoH room she is so excited to see her photos. Joshuah isn’t surprised at her photos. One of her in a bikini. One of her hugging a tree. She reads a letter from home and gets all emotional. Sheila gets upset at hearing the letter and misses her son.

Natalie wants to play hide and seek and goes to hide. Adam sees her but doesn’t let on that he knows. Joshuah goes and tells her her knee is sticking out. Joshuah finds her hiding in the cupboard under the sink and freaks out when he finds her.

Sheila asks Joshuah to tell them about how he told his parents he was gay.

Joshuah isn’t too concerned if James goes this week, as long as it’s not him.

James goes up to see Natalie. After a long trust discussion he sways her towards breaking up the other couple in the game – Sharon and Joshuah. She says she’ll think about it. She really doesn’t know what’s best for her. James wants them to go to the final two together but she just isn’t sure what’s best for her.

At the food competition, everyone is sent to separate rooms before calling them one by one out to the back yard for a challenge. They need to decide to either eat slop or food. It’s quite complicated as three people need to pick food and three need to pick slop. However, if it goes over or under then the choices get switched.

Sharon chose slop. James chose slop. Joshuah chose slop. Ryan chose slop. Sheila chose slop as well. Adam however, is the only one who picks food. Joshuah is sure it’s going to be an awful week in the house. James knows for sure now that it is definitely going to be the worst week in the house for him.

James couldn’t sleep and gets up. He doesn’t feel good after missing Chelsia and weighs up why he’s in the game.

Adam and Ryan run around in the pool to make a whirlpool.

Natalie is inside staring at Matt’s photo. They suggest Matt needs to go into witness protection to stay away from her.

Ryan talks to Natalie about maybe backdooring James.

At the nominations, Natalie reveals that on the block this week is Joshuah and James. James says Natalie is now his target.

They’ve raised over a million dollars this season. Tonight, Country Superstar Trace Adkins Trace Adkins and former tabloid editor and judge of America’s Got Talent go head to head in the chance to win the Celebrity Apprentice.

Trace is getting driven crazy by the Backstreet Boys Backstreet Boys. Trace jokes that himself, a very heterosexual cowboy and former heavyweight champion of the world – Lennox Lewis – had to go down to a drug store and buy some black nail polish. Not for their wives, but for another guy. He’s not impressed.

Piers is calling in some big prizes including tickets to Andrew Lloyd Webber’s sequel to Phantom of the Opera. Steven is having trouble bringing in the stars though and Piers is getting worried. Trace’s country stars have arrived though.

Trace is exasperated by the lack of time and the pressure of the day. However, when his wife and girls arrive he’s speechless and the stress vanishes.

Piers has a plan to get all the celebrities loaded on alcohol as quickly as possible and tells the staff to repeat a phrase “loaded celebrities means lots of money”.

Trace has to get some medical gear for one of the Backstreet Boys who has twisted his knee. He’s still looking for wheat grass. He says the whole rider thing has made him appreciate his own position as an artist and how he has performed in pain and then had 18 inches of his colon cut out and how the “BSB” still need their Wheat Grass Juice in order to perform.

Trace has people handing over checks and cash of at least $20,000.

Piers service men arrive and he’s hoping that having them there will encourage people to bid a little higher.

Piers gets a bid for $100,000 for a tea with the Duchess of York. The dinner with Trace Adkins goes for $6000 to Ivanka Trump. Another $100,000 goes for a dinner with Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne.

American Idol‘s Simon Cowell bids $100,000 for a $10,000 shopping trip with Ivanka Trump.

Trace didn’t get the Wheat Grass for the Backstreet Boys but he introduces them and gets the party started. Trace was happy that they sounded really good despite not having the wheat grass.

In the boardroom, Piers raised $376,000 compared to Trace’s $64,000. Trace raised $38,000 on ticket sales while Piers raised $12,000.

Trace suggests that Piers infers that he was belittling his donors and Piers resents it.

The previous eliminated celebrities come out and join Trace and Piers in the boardroom for the final showdown.

Trace Adkins performs his #1 single You’re Gonna Miss Thisicon. Buy it from iTunes during the next two weeks and proceeds will be donated to Trace’s charity.

Mr Trump announces that he is going to throw in an additional $250,000 for the winners charity.

Piers fights for himself by claiming he raised over a half million dollars and won 9 out of the 11 challenges. Depsite Trace being the nice guy, Piers wins as it’s business, not personal.

Two go home tonight for the first time in Dancing with the Stars history.

Jason & Edyta are asked for an encore of their mambo.

First up tonight is the men. Their rankings over the two nights were:
6th Penn & Kym with 33/60
4th Steve & Anna with 34/60
4th Adam & Julianne with 34/60
Christian & Cheryl with 41/60
2nd Jason & Edyta with 49/60
Mario & Karina with 50/60

Before we get the results we get treated to a performance of a-ha - Hunting High and Low - Take On Me Take On Me by the Jonas Brothers.

Millions voted and going home from the men after combining the judges scores and the text and phone voting is Penn & Kym.

From the women, the rankings were as follows:
6th Monica & Jonathan with 30/60
5th Marissa & Tony with 39/60
3rd Priscilla & Louis with 45/60
3rd Shannon & Derek with 45/60
2nd Marlee & Fabian with 46/60
1st Kristi & Mark with 54/60

There is an acrobatic routine set to Meat Loaf - Bat Out of Hell II: Back Into Hell - I'd Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That) I’d do anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That) before the Jonas Brothers sing Jonas Brothers - Jonas Brothers - When You Look Me In the Eyes When You Look Me In The Eyes. They sound terrible live!

Going home from the ladies tonight is Monica & Jonathan.

Next week it’s the Jive and Tango and then on elimination night, Kylie MinogueKylie Minogue performs before one more will go home.

Monday, March 31 at 9pm ET/PT

John and Eva investigate the murder of bullet-ridden body found in Chinatown. However, the body looks similar to Amsterdam’s lost son from the 1900s, Roosevelt. The case leads John to a crime family, the Spoors, which is led by Roosevelt’s decedents.

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TV WARS: Media, Money and the Battle for Canada’s Airwaves

Tonight, while Canadians settle down in front of their TVs, few will realize that a fierce battle is being waged over who will control what they get to see in their living-rooms in the future.

It is a battle that pits big cable, satellite and telephone companies against the broadcasters, producers and Canadian talent. Oligopolies against small independent broadcasters…Canada against the US…and private interests versus the public good.

It is a war over Canada’s airwaves. Who really owns them? Who should be policing the types of channels we can access? And just how independent, diverse and Canadian should our television universe be?

TV WARS: Media, Money and the Battle for Canada’s Airwaves is an investigative documentary special that delves into Canada’s most important cultural industry, and how that industry will fare in the future. Will Canadian values, opinions, ideas and stories survive if the Canadian broadcasting system is controlled by the cable, satellite and telephone companies, who not only own the means for television distribution, but also many of the channels available to Canadians? In an era of media ownership concentration, will there be any room for an independent voice in the brave new TV world?

Find out Wednesday, April 2 at 8pm and 11pm, and Sunday, April 6 at 9pm (ET).

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10pm Sunday, April 13

Dexter receives a registered letter that informs him that his biological father has recently died. This comes as a shock, because Harry, Dexter’s adoptive father, had told Dexter that his real father had died over 30 years ago. As Dexter takes off to reconnect to his shadowy past, Rita decides to come along to help him make it through the weekend.

9pm Sunday, April 13

Kathryn Mayfair is unable to keep some of her secrets from the women of Wisteria Lane. Susan’s hunky young male cousin reveals more than expected and a surprise wedding ceremony has its share of secrets.

8pm Sunday, April 13

With only one week to go before the big give winner is crowned – and awarded a surprise $1 million – John Travolta stops by to help the remaining competitors.

7pm Sunday, April 13

Eli has a vision of himself sitting in the back of a taxicab travelling on the Golden Gate Bridge when an earthquake suddenly hits. With a scientists help, Eli sues the city of San Francisco to force them to shut down the Golden Gate Bridge before it’s too late. But he’s opposed in court by senior partner Marci Klein (guest star Katey Sagal) and her co-counsel who turns out to be Maggie.