The Sounds of Jungle Love - S16E02

Here’s what happened on Survivor Micronesia this week:

At Malakal (the favorites), they’re still feeling confident despite losing the first immunity challenge and voting out their first team mate.

At Airai (the fans), they’re all pretty stoked to have beaten all the experience in Malakal. They start trying to get the fire going with the flint and it seems pretty disastrous. They can’t get the fire started and Kathy is more worried about not having a shelter after it rains all the time and she wants some place to sleep. They haven’t had to go to tribal council yet and there is so much drama.

Jason thought Tracey, Kathy and Chet hadn’t done anything all day and because of that, they get shunned and told they can’t sleep in the cave. Quite obviously the tribe is divided which is bound to spell trouble.

Back at Malakal, they’re eating well and slept well and are hoping that they’ll be on top at the next challenge.

Ozzy is becoming really attracted to Amanda but is wanting to keep it on the down low or he’ll end up with a target on his back.

James and Parvati draw attention to themselves and it seems that there are quite a few coupley alliances happening at Malakal.

Chet, Kathy and Tracey’s shelter is pretty cool and the others want to bury the hatchet and get them to help build their new shelter. They then get the fire going and find some clams which gets them some food in the bellies. They whole dynamic of the tribe changes once everyone starts feeling happier.

Mikey B is flirting with Mary in the hopes of getting her to trust him and get her in his back pocket. Joel is onto them but his priority is to keep Airai strong and thinks that Tracey, Kathy and Chet will be the first to go.

Cirie was awake a bit last night and hear the sounds of “Jungle Lovin'” coming from Ozzy and Amanda. Jonathan thinks it’s stupid to be carrying on like that when everyone is sleeping in the same cave. They’re already worried about the alliances between Parvati and James and Amanada and Ozzy and form alliance of their own to try and break that threat.

Imunity is back up for grabs. There needs to be 5 swimmers, 3 puzzle makers and 1 key master. The swimmers need to, one by one, swim out, smash a tile, collect a key and race back. Once five keys are collected, the puzzle master must then open some locks to get some puzzle pieces. The 3 puzzle makers must then assemble the puzzle. The winning tribe will win immunity while the losing tribe will have one of their members sent to Exile Island. Kathy sits out for Airai.

Ozzy makes a big lead for Malakal. Chet can’t dive down to get his key and gives Malakal an even bigger lead. Before the fans get back with the last key, it’s all over. The favourites at Malakal complete the puzzle and win immunity. They send Kathy to Exile Island and then Jeff reveals the twist. They also need to send one of their own to Exile Island. Cirie goes and joins Kathy for a night out in the open.

The hidden immunity Island clue reads:

To progress further go back to the start
where one has fallen there still is a part
the thing which you covet requires ascension
it’s hidden inside if you pay attention

They travel back across the water to where they started and climb up the rock face and find a second clue inside a log. It reads:

Continue your quest by crossing the ocean
you’ve done it before, now repeat the motion
into the forest where “O” marks the spot
The next clue lay hidden where something is…

They cross back to the other island and find a third clue in the forest which reads:

To unlock the secret of immunity
Two legs rising out of the bed of the sea
the body still reaches the cliff on the shore
under one foot hides the next bit of lore

They have to cross back to the other island again and it’s really starting to drain their strength. They find a fourth clue which reads:

As an Exile seeking the key to survival
look in the place where you made your arrival
Over your head but under a rock
put on your shoes and go for a walk

They head back again and start getting very frustrated.

Back at Airai, they’re talking about the first time going to tribal council. They’re not so worried about losing the challenge but rather the box of gold that was the fishing gear that was part of the reward. They’re pretty sure it will be Chet going home.

Mikey is worried that Kathy will have found the immunity idol and if she gives it to Chet then they might have one of them going home so he wants them to split the vote. Joel is a little annoyed that Mikey thinks he’s running the show.

Joel suggests that to Erik they get rid of Mary and break up that strong alliance. Joel also talks to Chet and Tracey about his plan. Tracey however is cautious of Joel. There is a lot of scheming going on.

At tribal council the votes fall 2 votes to Chet, 2 vote to Tracey and 6 votes Mary leaving Mikey with a very shocked look on his face. First tribal council, first blind side. Very well played.

Joel ended up voting for Tracey which would have left Mikey with a lot of confusion as to what was going on with the numbers being all mixed up.

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