That's Baked, Barbecued and Fried! S16E04

At Malakal, the frustration over Cirie’s flipping starts coming out. Cirie says Jonathan is pissed at her and she’s feeling in control and kinda gloating about it. The others in Jonathan’s alliance aren’t happy about her changing and it may very well come back to bite her if it causes trouble at camp.

At Airai, the fans are wondering who went home. They’re thinking either Eliza or Yau-Man. Down at the beach, a couple of the guys catch an eel and everyone is hoping it’s going to taste like hotdogs.

There is some concern in camp about Chet’s laziness and not wanting to do anything around camp and is physically and mentally weak and there is starting to be some resolve around removing him from the game next.

James is annoyed over the whole Cirie thing and how they didn’t vote out Eliza because she’s sick and Yau-Man would have been a better asset in the challenge. Eliza is not impressed at their conversation because she was right there.

At the reward challenge, the teams need to get 10 colored coconuts out of a submerged cage with letters on them one at a time and then bring them back to shore. Ozzie has a different tactic and moves a bunch of coconuts to the end of the cage and gives them a bit of an advantage for the following players who don’t have as much work to do. By the time Malakal get to shore and spell out the word, Airai are still trying to get their coconuts out of the cage.

The reward? A rooster and 3 laying hens. They send Kathy to exile island again along with Ozzie.

Ozzie wants to look for the idol. Kathy can’t be bothered. Ozzie races to find the idol, swimming backward and forwards between the island. He finds it and then decides to play a similar game as last game and make a fake idol to hide in the spot he found it.

The rooster is possibly going to be dinner tonight. Eliza talks to Parvati about jonathan but she doesn’t realise he’s walking up behind them. Jonathan is a little annoyed that she is trying to get herself in the game. Parvati is sure that if they go to tribal council tonight it will be Eliza going home.

At the immunity challenge, the tribes must navigate a course while harnessed to a series of poles connected in the middle that slide to enable them to move. It will make it a real challenge to navigate the course and then collect some colored necklaces. Once they have 6 necklaces they must take them to a decoding wheel where they must place the necklace in the right order and match the colored beads to letters and then decipher a three word phrase.

The favorites get to the wheel first and again, by the time they complete it, the fans are still on the course with two necklaces to collect.

Mikey B is going to play Joel and keep him around until the merge and then cut his head off. It’s either Chet or Kathy going home and Tracey is worried because she knows she’d be next. She is wanting to mix it up and talks to Joel about possibly voting Mikey B. She says that he is letting Mikey B dictate the game.

At Tribal Council, the votes fall to Mikey B in a shock elimination.

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