Survivor Micronesia - Episode 1

Crystal clear water, magnificent coral reefs and one of the most stunning collections of underwater sea life in the world. That’s what awaits the ten Americans who each have something in common – they are all fans of the Hit TV show Survivor. These fans have been given the chance to be contestants in their favorite game but what they don’t know, is that they will be playing against 10 survivors from seasons passed.

Jonathan: Survivor Cook Islands
Jonny Fairplay: Survivor Pearl Islands
Parvati: Survivor Cook Islands
Yau-Man: Survivor Fiji
Cirie: Survivor Exile Island
James: Survivor China
Ozzy: Survivor Cook Islands
Amanda: Survivor China
Ami: Survivor Vanuatu
Eliza: Survivor Vanuatu

10 of Survivors biggest fans against 10 of Survivors Favourites. This is Survivor Micronesia.

As the fans arrive, there is a torrential downpour and Jeff welcomes them and is already soaked from standing in the rain. He introduces the fans to their competition and when they see who they’ll be competing against, they’re all very excited. Jonny Fairplay is wearing an almost identical outfit to Jeff and is wearing a hat that says “Will Lie 4 Food”.

The fan’s tribe name is Airai and the favourite’s is Malakal.

Jeff explains that on a beach on an island opposite them are two canoes with maps to their new homes. There are also two individual immunity idols which can only be used the first time you go to tribal council. He then says they can go when they want. Realising that it’s a race to get across the water they all dive in and start racing across to the other beach.

Erik from Airai makes it across to the beach first and is happy to have beaten Ozzy. Jonny Fairplay decides that slow and steady wins the race and figures the idols must be in plain site. He sees one on the front of the boat and grabs it but then realises that he’s got the wrong one. He races for the one on the other boat but Yau-Man just beats him.

Kathy arrives back to the canoes and says she doesn’t know what is going on but Yau-Man tells her to pick up the Idol that is on the ground that Jonny Fairplay had left there. She’s pretty happy about having immunity first off.

Jonny isn’t happy with Yau-Man and starts some dissent in amongst the ranks and promises that once that idol is gone, so is he.

Airai Tribe arrive at their beach and are confident they can beat the favourites and talk about that as they set about setting up camp. Kathy talks to Chet about his homosexuality in an awkward, naive fashion but is happy to make her first gay male friend. Kathy then talks to Tracey about her implants and how she’d never seen any up close before. Everyone starts referring to her as the crazy lady and are a little miffed that she has the immunity idol.

Jonny says he has a seven month pregnant girlfriend back home and he’s all about bringing home some money. As they set up camp, everyone is amazed at how fast James is at doing things. They’re all pretty happy that things are better than they were first day of their last survivor experience.

Parvati flirts with James, which he’s quite happy about. Amanda and Ozzy have a bond already happening. Eliza seems a little jealous at the romances that seem to be establishing themselves and think they’ll be a real threat.

The first night at Airai is going to be tough. They were late in getting their shelter set up and Kathy is hoping the morning is going to be better because it sucked at night.

Yau-Man, Eliza, Jonathan and Ami form an alliance. Ozzy is a little worried about Eliza and her shifty game play. He’s not sure about Jonny either but he wants to keep him there to keep his alliance strong.

Jonny admits he’s a chronic liar. They talk about getting rid of Parvati before Ozzy because she’s more of a social threat.

Yau-Man gets Malakal’s fire started with his glasses and a drop of water.

At Airai, Tracey reads the tree mail:

Sixteen seasons later
You all should know the deal
Outwit, Outplay, Outlast
Don’t waste time reinventing the wheel

The first challenge has Malakal telling Jeff and Airai that they’ve had a huge advantage having already played the game and have a shelter, fire, and have had plenty of food while Airai is a little hungry.

For the challenge, the teams must assemble 4 wheels from puzzle pieces and put them on a cart and then navigate their cart through an obstacle. When they reach a giant sandpit, they must dig up some planks to fill in some gaps on a bridge and then push the cart over the ramp to the finish where they must take the wheels off and use the wheel puzzle parts to make a turnstyle which they must then turn, raising a fire wok to win.

The fans take a massive lead after the favorites take their time putting their wheels together and then wiping out when they hit a tree root, sending Eliza flying and smacking her face into the ground.

The fans make it over the bridge first and after a small wipeout, make it to the turnstyle. The fans win and show up the favourites. It’s a humiliating defeat as Airai takes the first immunity challenge and are given flint.

Jonny is playing both tribes and really wants to win for his little girl. Parvati hatches a plan to get Jonny to talk to the other alliance to get them to vote for him so they can sneakily take out Eliza. When Jonny talks to Ami, she isn’t sure that he’s legit.

At tribal council, Jonny states his case for going home. If it was supposed to be a trick, it didn’t work as he’s the first one to be voted out of Survivor Micronesia.

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