Stunt Week - Pulling a Car with Only Skin, Adventure Kite-Skiing and Mountain-Biking on Ski Slopes

Today on Daily Planet, watch as Ryan Stock tests the limits of his skin. Don’t miss Stock pulling host Kim Jagtiani in a fine hybrid car across the studio floor…with nothing but hooks imbedded in his skin! Then, follow skiing enthusiasts Sarah and Eric McNair-Landry on an adventure kite-skiing trip across Greenland’s ice cap. Navigating their way through an old military base and enduring close encounters with crevasses, witness the dangerous trek through the wilderness as they swoosh their way through Greenland on land and in the sky. Then, join biker Markus Stoeckl as he practices mountain-biking on a ski slope. Having previously set the record for “no-frills” downhill mountain biking faster than any person in the world, watch as this daredevil on wheels perfects his passion for riding the slopes.

Wed., Feb. 20 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT

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