Stunt Week - Medieval Armour, Climbing Melting Ice and a Unique German-Made Helicopter

Kicking off a week of rip-roaring stunt action, Ryan Stock enlists the help of a medieval fight coordinator to attack him with ancient weapons. Watch as Daily Planet explains the physics behind how the armour protects Stock by diffusing the impact of such weapons as swords and axes. Next, watch as adventurer Will Gadd climbs an abandoned mine in Sweden with some unusual ice formations. But this stunt means big risks because the unusually warm weather is melting the ice. Will giant icicles cut his chances of executing this slippery stunt safely? Then, step into the cockpit of a unique German-made helicopter as pilot Chuck Aaron puts his aircraft to the test. With its centre of gravity altered to allow it to move quickly during aerial manoeuvres, don’t miss this death-defying flight as the Red Bull aerobatic helicopter performs stunts that no other civilian helicopter can survive – including loops, flips and rolls.

Mon., Feb. 18 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT on CTV

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