Stunt Week - Human Wrecking Ball, Robot Planes and Around the World in an Ultralight Aircraft

Guinea Pig hosts Ryan Stock and AmberLynn Walker get things cracking with Walker smashing a sledge hammer down on Stock’s head. But that’s not all! Watch as this daring duo kicks it up a notch with a human wrecking ball stunt involving stilts, chains, a bowling ball and a dinner plate. Daily Planet uncovers the secret behind Stock’s ability to withstand the crushing blows. Next, travel down to the Utah desert where an engineering student is tasked with a robotic stunt: to land a small plane in the back of a moving pickup truck – and do it autonomously. The goal? To demonstrate how technology can enable robot planes to land and refuel on moving military vehicles. Then, follow two fighter pilots from the Indian Air Force as they try to fly around the world in an airplane that weighs less than a pull-out sofa. Flying an ultra light airplane around the globe in world record-breaking time is aviation history in the making and Daily Planet reveals how this feat can be achieved.

Tues., at Feb. 19 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT

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