Ricky Gervais and His Bit Parts Return to The Comedy Network for Season Two of Extras

— Celebrities Orlando Bloom, David Bowie, Daniel Radcliffe, Sir Ian McKellen, and Chris Martin guest star —

The second and final season of Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s critically-acclaimed comedy Extras begins Tuesday, March 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT, exclusively on The Comedy Network. Featuring cameo performances by Orlando Bloom, David Bowie, Daniel Radcliffe, Sir Ian McKellen, and Chris Martin, the second season of the Golden Globe® and Emmy® winning British comedy is more hilarious than the first.

Ricky Gervais stars as Andy Millman, a 40-something actor who gives up his day job to pursue movie fame, only to discover he can’t land any speaking parts. In Season Two, Andy turns the corner when a comedy pilot he writes gets picked up by a British TV network. Despite his many gaffes and foibles, Andy may be on his way to fame and fortune. To get there he must survive meddling network executives, questionable fans, his none-to-bright friend Maggie (Ashley Jensen), and the gross ineptitude of his clueless agent, Darren Lamb (Stephen Merchant).

Season Two episode descriptions below:

EXTRAS – Season Two
30 minutes x six

Episode One
Andy and the BBC are in conflict over his sitcom, When the Whistle Blows. His idea of a classy sitcom for BBC2 is in tatters because the BBC wants to show it on BBC1 and make him wear a silly wig and glasses. Meanwhile, on Maggie’s film set, Orlando Bloom is trying to convince everyone he is sexier than Johnny Depp and can’t believe she doesn’t find him attractive.

Guest stars: Orlando Bloom

Episode Two
Andy realizes that fame is not all it is cracked up to be. His sitcom has received terrible reviews, he’s gained some nerdy fans, and then there’s the problem of how much he should give to a street beggar now that he’s a minor celebrity. Andy confides his woes to David Bowie in a classy bar, and suffers the humiliation of being the subject of the megastar’s latest composition about a “little fat man who sold his soul.”

Guest star: David Bowie

Episode Three
First comes the success, then the backlash and the British press aren’t about to change the rules. Andy has incurred their wrath and needs an experienced PR guru to help him. On the set of his new film, Daniel Radcliffe is trying his staggeringly poor chat-up lines on anything female.

Guest stars: Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)

Episode Four
Good news. When the Whistle Blows has received a BAFTA nomination. Bad news. Chris Martin, lead singer of Coldplay, wants to be in the show. Then at the awards ceremony, not only does the show not win, but Darren and Maggie both contrive to get Andy into trouble.

Guest stars: Chris Martin

Episode Five
In pursuit of credibility, Andy Millman takes a role in a play directed by Sir Ian McKellen – a two-hander called A Month of Summers. If only his agent had told him it was about gay lovers.

Guest stars: Ian McKellen, Germaine Greer

Episode Six
Andy Millman has changed. With a new celebrity chum, chat show host Jonathan Ross, he seems to be leaving behind his old best friend, Maggie. He even decides to get rid of his useless agent. When Andy is pressed into visiting a sick child in hospital by his pushy mum, he meets Robert Lindsay, who is less than impressed when the child and his mum fail to recall his 70s sitcom, Citizen Smith.

Guest stars: Jonathan Ross, Robert Lindsay (My Family, Hornblower)

Tuesday, March 4 at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CTV

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