Micronesia - I Should Be Carried on the Chariot-Type Thing - S16E03

Returning from Tribal Council, Mikey is annoyed about the knife being plunged into his back and thinks that getting rid of Mary was a long game play rather than a short game play. Mikey is adamant that Joel wont be in the final four but Joel is hoping that Mikey is going to wake up to the reality that he doesn’t have the tribe in his pocket.

At Malakal, Eliza gets worked by the core group of Parvati, James, Ozzy etc and want to vote out Jonathan, Yau-Man and Cirie. Cirie is still unsure as to which group she wants to align herself with.

At Airai they get tree mail.

Preparing to go into battle
use war paint and a battle cry
are you ready to tackle your enemy?
you’d better be ready to try.

So pick three choices for your reward
today will be an aggressive meeting
if you win you take them home
lose and you just take a beating

There is a Survivor catalog which they can pick three things out of. Everyone is pretty excited.

The Malakal faces aren’t painted too much but Airai have gone to a lot of effort. The Favorites are playing for Shelter, a Lighting kit and a Survival kit while the Fans are playing for Fishing kit, Shelter and a Kitchen set. The game is to get 5 bags into the end zone. It was a pretty intense battle but the Favorites come from 4-2 down to win 5-1

They send Kathy to Exile island and is being joined by Amy. Kathy isn’t happy.

Cirie feels as though she has to scramble to get things to work in her favor as she’s stuck in the middle and thinks that the others should be doing a little more to try and keep her onside.

Cirie heads out with Amanda and Parvati on the raft and they talk about the guys and they make a pact to be in the final three together. Back on the beach, Jonathan and Eliza are worried about the conversations.

On exile island, Kathy doesn’t want to go island hopping again and tries to talk Amy out of going idol hunting as the weather seems to be coming in.

At Airai, they’re getting rained on really hard and it’s not going to be a good nights sleep. At Malakal, they’re dry as a bone with new tarp.

In the morning, Airai are exhausted after getting very little sleep and feel they got beat up twice. No one got an minute of sleep and Alexis is feeling pretty demoralized and is shaking with cold. They can’t afford to lose the immunity challenge,

Kathy and Amy arrive back for the immunity challenge. The idea is for two men and two women from each tribe to hold a rope holding up a giant net. The other team members need to throw coconuts into the net. The team to win is the team that holds onto their net the longest.

The Fans pull it out and load up the Favorites net until they can’t hold it up any more and they take the challenge and send the Favorites at Malakal to Tribal Council.

Jonathan and Yau-Man decide that Parvati needs to go. Parvati and James decide that Yau-Man needs to go. Cirie wants to get rid of Eliza but Ozzy says she wont be good on the challenges. Jonathan arrives and breaks up the party. He talks to Amy and wants to know who is being voted for. He wants to know if Cirie is still tight with them or if her head has been filled with BS from Parvati and Amanda.

Jonathon talks to Cirie but it sounds like she has made her mind up. Jonathan tells her that her concerns isn’t based on anything he’s done.

Ozzy wants to get rid of Eliza now but Parvati is concerned that if Cirie votes for Yau-Man then that will mess it all up. Cirie is adamant that she’s voting for Yau-Man and that they’re changing their votes. James is annoyed that Cirie is dictating things.

Jonathan is hoping that they remain split and that their four votes for Parvati will win the day and send her home.

At tribal council, Cirie and Jonathan go at it and jonathan possibly hints that everyone should maybe get rid of Cirie. Jeff reads the votes and Yau-Man gets the 5 votes needed to be booted off the island. Cirie is possibly in trouble now as she’ll have a big target on her back.

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