Wilson and Lukach head to Jordan to attend their friend Ibrahim’s wedding. After arriving in Amman, Ibrahim serves as their tour guide for the trip – in between wedding plans! Follow the group as they head out to the Wadi Mujib, a gorge that is one of the lowest nature reserves in the world. While there, watch as they trek through the region’s rugged terrain and water trails. Next, join the travellers as they visit the alleged tomb of Moses, spend a night in the desert with the Bedouins, hike through the ancient city of Petra, visit the Roman ruins in Jerash and enjoy some water sports on the Red
Sea… all just in time for a traditional Jordanian wedding.

Mon., March 24 at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT

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  • Brian Stein

    Your program on Jordan was especially fine. In recent weeks I have seen Rick Steves on the same destination and he made me feel I hadn’t missed anything when I was planning to go. “Word Travel” covered it and the difference between what they, Robin and Julie, saw and what Rick saw was like night and day. They piqued my interest. Scott and Justin made it seem like a destination one could not afford to miss. The Petra section was awesome. Thanks, guys, the series is excellent.