Hollywood’s Sexiest Body Parts (Part 1 – The Women)

New Star! Special – Hollywood is filled with beautiful people. Combine everyone’s best features and you can create the perfect body. In this one-hour special, Star! goes straight to the experts to find out who’s got the best parts money can buy. This is a game of mix and match not to be missed! From Cameron Diaz’s legs to J Lo’s “asset”, Scarlett Johansson’s lips to Rachel McAdams’ smile, and Sheryl Crow’s arms to Jessica Simpson’s chest – part one of Hollywood’s Sexiest Body Parts sketches the winning female combo. Plus, Star! examines who has the better midriff – Shakira or Fergie.

Saturday, March 22 11 p.m. ET / 8 p.m. PT on Star

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    I just watched it, and there were music videp clips in it. Could someone tell me what the songs are in all the clips, or tell me where I can watch it again please?