Embark on the Adventure of a Lifetime when Departures Lands March 17 on OLN

Ever dreamt of white water rafting in New Zealand, tearing across Canada in only 10 days or stepping on sacred ground in India? Best friends – and Brantford, Ontario, natives – Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach do just that, and more in OLN’s new original Canadian production, Departures, premiering Mon., March 17 at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT. From epic landscapes and unforgettable cultures to the often trying times that come with international travel, watch as these two best friends defy the 9-to-5 and leave the familiar in search of adventures abroad in each episode of the 13-part series. Travelling to locations including Jordan, Ascension Island, India, Japan, Cambodia and New Zealand, their stories develop and evolve with the people they meet along the way. For Wilson and Lukach, it’s as much about the journey as it is about the destination. There are no prizes and no contests – just real adventures with no safety net.

Accompanied by their friend and cameraman, Andre Dupuis, Departures showcases the revelations of two travellers who strive to find themselves and new perspectives while trekking across the globe. Their experiences unfold before a moving camera and daily “diary cam” entries reveal their interpretations of the events, people and places they discover along the way. Set against a backdrop of stunning vistas and incredible landscapes, the series chronicles the unforgettable friendships, personal successes and sometimes crushing disappointments that befall them on their journey. Each episode illustrates Wilson and Lukach’s personal evolution as they are pushed to their utmost limits. From hiking through the ancient ruins of Petra in Jordan, to surviving a monsoon in the middle of the Indian Ocean, to facing off against a professional kick boxer in Thailand, to living off the land in Cambodia, join these best friends as they challenge themselves and their attachments to home on the trip of a lifetime.

Episode highlights from Departures include Canada, Jordan, India and Ascension Island.

Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT

Departures is produced by Echo Bay Media in association with OLN.

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  • John Braybrook

    I am thoroughly enjoying watching “Departures”. It takes me back to my travels with my best friend. (I am now 44 yrs old). Scott and Justin seem to be truly great guys and very well grounded individuals. Thank you for the great programme.

    Take care,


  • Adam Gamble

    Watching Departures was a thrill all the way until the final episode. This is coming from a sixteen year old that loves to travel, and will hopefully sometime have a show just like yours. Thank you Scott and Justin as you have inspired me, and hopefully sometime in our lives you will get to see my show too.

  • Robert yee

    Wow…this series was AMAZING!!
    just realized…you guys are natives of Brantford, Ont. im originally from Toronto..but grew up in Brantford…
    i must also compliment Andre…great ‘shooting’…through out the ‘series’!!!
    i must say Justin is quite the ‘kick boxer’…very impressed!!

    the ‘inside stories’…you must have!! Such a life time experience…my ‘HATS OFF’ to you guys for having the courage to go thru with this!!!

    so glad i tuned in to this series!!!

    all the best & continued health & happiness!!

    Robert 😉

  • Paul M

    Watched a couple of episodes and nice guys but WOW are these guys BOOOOORRING.

  • shelly

    love this show!!

  • dev

    I think the show is great. Andre Dupuis does an excellent job at showcasing the beauty, tragedy, and uniqueness that’s brought about in world travels. Amazing footage and an outstanding videographer. Justin’s antics are hilarious and Scott’s knowledge on culture, religion and geography are superb.

    It would be great if they took a second year and travel more!

  • Adesh

    this show is SO amazing…although very few ppl have heard about it…scott, justin and cameraman andre make this show such a great show to watch…the views and landscapes are just wonderful…it has a good choice and variety of music unlike all other boring travel shows

    i love travelling and this show definitely makes me wanna travel the world and record my own adventures…maybe with a friend or 2…this show has inspired me so much

    anyone know where to get some of the music thats in this show…like some of the song/theme titles? it’ll be greatly appreciated! thanks!


  • Marc Jackson

    I only just discovered this show, but I love it. The first episode I watched their during their time in Jordan, and I was hooked by Scott and Justin. They are just regular guys who want to see, learn about and appreciate the world. It is easy for a viewer to identify with the these two (three including Andre)and for me, that is what makes this travel show unique when help up against other shows from the same the genre.

    Great, great show.

  • Chris

    All I have to say is awesome show guys, It truley brings me back to when I went travelling to Europe last srping. After watching a couple of episodes It brought me back, and that feeling of traveling was there once again and Im proud to say im now started to Plan my next trip over. Hope to visit alot of the countries that Scott and Justin have visited. taker easy


  • Randy

    This show nails down what travelling is all about. I am pretty sure I’ve seen every episode and a few several times. i just can’t get enough of it. It brings back memories of my backpacking days in Australia and other places. Andre!, the camera work you do is absolutley amazing, keep up the great work. This show beats any other travel show out there and hopefully we see more of you guy’s. Thank you it’s a breathe of fresh air.


  • Tonie

    I have never watched a travel show as inspiring at Departures! Scott, Justin and Andre are such a great group and watching their interaction is just as entertaining as learning about the places they visit. I’ll be embarking on my own year-long backpacking trip and I hope it will be as life-altering as their own.There’s a whole lot of world out there to see beyond the tourist areas… And they’ve seen it.

    I am very happy you three shared this with us. Travel is a very personal thing and it was great to look into your world. Good luck with your future travels!

  • Sammy G

    Great show! It totally took me back to a couple of zonez i had in SE Asia, India and the ME. However, many of the places they visted were in very “touristy” places. Where is Africa / South America. Maybe next time?

    What about the drugs? Come on, being in India/SE Asia and nothing. When I was younger that was totally the point. To get lost in culture, travel and mind altering drugs. Best couple of years of my life, no doubt.

    Different travels, different times. The photography was by and far the best part of the series.

  • linda gonzales

    My daughter discovered this show while channel surfing and since then had watched all the episodes of Departures and each time was an absolute great TV time. The interaction between Scott and Justin and occasionally Andre, is the best feature of the show, with Justin oftentimes stealing the show. He is so cool and refreshing to watch him with no inhibitions and so natural. Of course the footage is amazing, too. I already miss the show so we just watch re-runs. Hope you guys make more of the same…thank you for the memories of one great travel show.

  • Errol Sturgeon

    The camera work in this series is outstanding. Departures shows so much more about how it is for westerners travelling the world than other shows that I like such as Pilot Guides. I want to know what soundtrack they use in Departures because it is the best chill-out music I’ve heard in a while.
    Great show!

  • Carol

    One of the best travel shows on TV right now. Great camera work, beautiful. Can’t get enough of it. Love the India episode. Everyone should try that country at least once!

  • Mike G

    this is a great show, just wondering how much it cost for the 3 of them to travel for the whole year? what do you think their budget was? where did they get the coin.

    kudos boys

  • Roy

    Really enjoyed every episode! Andre’s cameara work is awesome. Scott is full of information about the countries they visited and just amazed at how much he knows. Justin…damn this dude can DRINK! provides the comic relief in the series. The three of them were just awesome!

  • John McNeil

    Truly Amazing Show
    This show is much more than a travel show. It reflects an attitude towards life. Their comments and attitudes is something I can relate to, and I’m trying to put the same message out (I have terminal cancer).My wife and I are intrepid travelers. It blows our minds at times hearing Scott’s and Justin’s comments, as the very same words have come out of our mouths. Andre’s camera work is amazing, and the editing hats off, top shelf stuff. We do not watch TV other than departures, because we feel that life is to be lived not watched. They are truly inspiring. Our motto is” it’s the JOURNEY of the unknown that heightens the experience, not the destination.” Scott and Justin, it makes me feel good that you both have found this attitude towards life, at an early age, and when my times up I have no regrets and no fear. It’s been a great F@$kin life. Sadly I probably won’t be here for season two, but next time you guy’s come back to Brantford (Boston Pizza), it would be a pleasure to shake your hands. John
    Justin Thai boxing?? You are crazy,WOW

  • alizae bacardi

    i came across this show while surfing one day and i love it! i love travelling and want to see so many other places, and this show is definetly inspiring/
    its not easy picking up and leaving and i have to admire u guys for your work! good job

    btw i started the season late, so does anyone know where I can watch the season online, free? thanks

  • karim

    the series is pretty cool, and i really enjoy the chill out music from the show

  • Megan

    Just got back from bacpacking Central America myself, turned the TV on and saw this show. It’s the Cambodia episode, where I also have backpacked. It’s awesome to see Canadians rather than Americans on tv especially being adventurous… however, if your going to be on TV representing another country then the pronunciation of words, such as “Mekong” should be done correctly. I lived in Cambodia, and also felt that the representation of Cambodia and the safety of it was completely false. My suggestion would be to get even more adventurous than what is shown… because taking a big van across Cambodia isn’t anything special and if you’re going to be on t.v. doing it then it would be cool to see something more rugged rather than a tourist approach to backpacking. Learn to be real backpackers and dirt bike across the country or something… OR, hire me to be on your show and backpack the proper way.

    Cheers- happy safe travels…

  • Julian

    Thanks for a great series. Please go and travel again! The footage of the places visited is fantastic. What music is used on the intro of the show? Is there a follow up show? Thanks, Julian

  • Just wanted to let all the fans know how much we appreciate the support and will continue to pour everything we have into making these adventures better each time. Much deserved nominations go to Andre for his stunning camera work and to Joshua Eady for his editing. That’s not to forget all the others who work really hard to make Departures what it is.. CONGRATS to everyone in the field and in the office! There are many obstacles yet to overcome!


    August 26, 2008 – Departures has been nominated for 2 awards at the 23rd Annual Gemini Awards – Andre Dupuis for Best Photography and Joshua Eady for Best Picture Editing in an Information Program or Series.

    Departures is an inspirational show that follows two travellers who drop everything to journey across the world for an entire year. Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach leave their lives behind in search of unique experiences through some of the most beautiful and remote places on earth. Accompanied by their friend and cameraman, Andre Dupuis, Departures showcases the unforgettable friendships, personal successes and sometimes crushing disappointments that befall them on their journey.

    This is the first television series for the young (under 30) team, which also includes its producers Jessie Wallace and Steven Bray. “Departures boasts a more cinematic approach to the travel genre” says Wallace. “The concept of the show is not just about travel. It’s about finding your own adventure and overcoming personal obstacles”. Which is exactly what happened in the nominated episode India: Quest for Himalayas.

    “The shoot in India was full of adversity, challenge, sickness and great rewards” says producer Steven Bray. “A near-death monsoon on jet skis on the Indian Ocean is one such example. But, to capture and hone the spirit and essence of a country and its people, and to draw upon a Canadian audience’s longing to travel is our mandate. I strongly believe that with Andre’s powerful and daring camera work, and Josh’s expressive and cinematic take on the adventure, we did just that.”

    Departures is currently in production of a second season which will begin airing in Canada January 2009. The first season of Departures can be seen on the Outdoor Life Network in Canada and will begin airing Internationally on the National Geographic Adventure Channel starting October 2008 to 40 countries world-wide.

    Departures is produced by Jessie Wallace and Steven Bray, directed/shot by Andre Dupuis, hosted by Scott Wilson and Justin Lukach and edited by Jordan Krug and Joshua Eady.

    The winner of these awards will be announced at the Gemini Gala on Monday October 20, 2008 to be held at the Liberty Grand Entertainment Complex, Exhibition Place, Toronto, Ontario.



  • Mandi

    hey did you ever find out how much it cost for them to travell the world

  • brent

    i love this show, does anyone know if i can order the dvds if there are any.thanks

  • Alisha

    I absolutley love this show and offically addicted. The scenery, photography, moments. Very tastful show and want to discover it with you Justin and Scott! Oh and Andre! I might just go do’er up and travel the world:)

  • Olga

    It really is an amazing show! I just hope it doesn’t end!

  • lindsayya

    I love this show! I am so sad that it’s over, I really hope to catch the second series when it airs. Scott and Justin seem like such real, and amazing people and have given me the chance to “travel” from the position of my couch. I can’t say enough about this show, it’s very inspirational and real and such a nice change from the rest of the garbage on TV. Scott and Justin…I love you…keep it up!

  • Rob

    Great show. Didn’t want it to end. Really enjoyed the last episode ending in the arctic circle. What a great way to end your trip. My wife and I are already talking about heading that way ourselves. I can’t wait to be inspired in season two.

  • momma

    I’m the mother of adults your age. I would be so proud by the art you 3 have created. Andre….beautiful! you captured the essence of both Scott and Justin and their adventures. Justin it was amazing to watch the transformation of your character over the 13 episodes. from a drink driven juvenile to a gentleman unafraid to show his true self….never fear…you are so loveable. Your connection to animals and children is an indication of your genuine soul! Scott, you kept it all together. In the beginning i wondered how you were going to make it on the road for a year with Justin. You are such an accepting person. (at least on film :)) you let him be who he was (which couldn’t have been easy for you or Andre) (at least Andre could hide behind the camera!) anyways…you are a very wise young man. I suspect we will be hearing more of you as the years go by. Thank you all for hours of amazing entertainment. It was an amazing journey for all of us!

  • Mich

    I never get tired of watching the series. Justin’s personality either makes me smile (Yoshi and his silent moments with animals) or sit at the edge of my seat (Thai kick boxing) or worry like a mom (when he got sick). He is a boy and a juvenile – nicely bundled together, my favorite. Scott, i admire his stability and his care for Justin (that nervous look before Justin stepped into the fight ring). Andre, my oh my! 🙂 Whenever he shows still shots, I try to remember the scenes. Whether it’s showing the 2 men’s shadows against the setting sun or the beatiful beach framed by 2 coconut trees. It’s like watching a spectacular album at the same time. Great job!

  • jon B

    WOW……An amazing show this is a great series I really love how a show can explain and reflect the beauty of life and travel it great….scott and justin are both good friends and i can see why … i hope to travel wiht my best friend 2 one day…..this show also teaches you things and gives you ideas its amazing i cant wait for season 2 ….wow departures is great…..

  • Nina Matthews

    HEllo Scott and Justin and camera man

    Talk about an amazing lifestyle I ammmm soooo jealous and wish I was with you guy just traveling I love to take photos and you guys have been every where I loved your Nepal visit toooo .Our whole family love your show and think you guys are amazing and have a great sense of fun and spirit about you guys .

    I have just watched the show when you were on Ascension Island that tuna fish WTF !!!That was crazy !!!

    I have had a ball you guys are crazy Life is to short and you guys are living it go for it keep it up.

    To the camera man love your footage to with out you there is no Scott and Justin at all so thanks

    From Australia and the Matthews family !!!

  • Corey

    truly and inspiration to young travelers everywhere. thanks guys.

  • nga

    Love your show! Have been following your show since it debut. I try to catch it as often as I can. Also, Love your dynamic relationship. I hope one day I’ll be able to have that kind of similar adventure experience that you guys both have demonstrated from time to time. Thanks and keep up the good work!

  • Jo

    I’m so proud of these Canadian boys and how they display such respect for different cultures, customs, etc. I loved the episode in Morocco when Justin baked a giant “donut”, spread it with chocolate icing (or nutella?), sprinkled with candy and shared with the locals in the cafe.

  • Matt

    Well done. This is a great show! Entertaining, real and makes me want to pack my stuff and get out there. As a Brantford native myself, it brings a sense of reality to the show by showing even small town guys can achieve such great things. The combination of less theatrical production, and more adventure, experiences and true friends enjoying what this awesome world has to offer is what makes this show unique.

  • don

    i travelled around the world when i was 20 back in 73, justin said it all in libya, adventure is doing something no one else has done before. nice job guys

  • Tammy

    I LOVE this show! It’s amazing. I feel like I know Scott and Justin after watching it so much. Scott is adorable, omg, (unfortunately taken I think lol) and Justin is such a laugh. Their adventures are awesome, I would love to have some of their experiences some day. I’m so jealous. The scenes are beautiful and makes me want to travel somewhere! Great shots by Andre too. It’s wonderful that they have the chance and ability to do such traveling. Wish I could join them! Hope this show never ends. Happy and safe travels.
    Take care,
    Tammy xo

  • Jody

    Your show is inspiring from beginning to end. A masterpiece! Thanks for making television worthwhile.

    Cheers and safe journeys.
    Jody 🙂

  • carley

    Hi I am a HK person, just come across this TV show on the Cable TV. It’s awesome!! I love the scenery taken all over the world, esp those which are more remote where few ppl will really go. Justin and Scott are so entertaning too, though u 2 have different personalities i guess. And u too really rockz!! I will keep supporting ur show!! keep it up =D

  • Josh

    This show is awesome, the scenery and music make the show surreal. I love how these guys open up the world right in front of you on t.v. The cameraman really has an eye for all things exotic… I know a lot of you guys are wondering were the music comes from, I believe a man named Jason Greenberg is that guy, he has the credits for the musical score on his website. I’ve tried to contact him about the music from the show, I’ll keep ya updated.

    p.s Jays website is jason-greenberg.com