Canadians Turn to for Latest News on the Market Crisis

Canadians Turn to for Latest News on the Market Crisis

When business news breaks, Canadian investors turn to BNN – Business News Network for the latest reports.

With the financial markets influx, Canadians turned to for the most comprehensive look at the economic crisis. Over the past two days, a record number of Canadians have used BNN’s online Video on Demand service at to watch more than 80,000 video business news clips. This is more than 35 per cent above the daily views average.

From the minute markets opened, viewers were also accessing the Top Story on, finding out quickly what had happened in Tokyo, Hong Kong and the East, and what to expect for the rest of the market day.

BNN continues to deliver up-to-the minute coverage on breaking market news and developments with the latest news reports and feature interviews available on demand at Since its launch last year, BNN’s online Video on Demand service has become the most-watched Canadian business news service on the Internet.

BNN – Business News Network (formerly Report on Business Television) is Canada’s only television service devoted exclusively to business and finance news with wall-to-wall coverage of the markets. The Network features the only televised stock ticker with real-time data from the TSX, NYSE and NASDAQ. BNN – Business News Network provides Canadian investors with the latest business news, newsmaker interviews and stock market analyses. The network is wholly owned by CTV Inc., a division of CTVglobemedia. Robert Hurst is President, CTV News. Jack Fleischmann is General Manager, BNN – Business News Network.

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  • lloyd newton

    Why are Diesel prices not coming down??? And who is Profitting from this. Shows that government needs to start regulating in canada. Canadians are being ripped off big time. Both oil companys and government are respondsible for this.