Return to Fat Camp - Tuesday 22 January

Tuesday, January 22

3 – 5 p.m. ET – “Return to Fat Camp” *Special*
Through first person encounters, MTV’s News and Docs presents “Return to Fat Camp.”
MTV spends another summer at Camp Pocono Trails with no-nonsense Camp Director Tony Sparber and five new campers who are hoping to change their lives by shedding pounds, making friends and building self confidence before returning to another challenging year of school. Viewers will meet Logan, a 14-year-old from North Carolina, who is burdened with the knowledge that her family is sacrificing financially to send her to fat camp; Adisa, a 14-year-old returning to camp for a second summer with a goal of losing thirty pounds; Dan, a 15-year-old who has never been away from his family before; Sam, an attractive average size girl who sees herself as overweight and Justin, a 400 pound teenager who knows his weight is more than an image problem and knows he has to do something about it before it’s too late.

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