Making the Band 4, Season 2 - Season Premiere, Special Time! - Monday February 4

Monday, February 4

10:30 – 11 :30 p.m. ET – Making The Band 4, Season 2 *Season Premiere, Special Time*

Find out what’s going on with the all-male super group that was handpicked by Diddy during season 1 of Making The Band 4. Season 2 is here, and bandmates Michael, Robert, Brian, Willie and Qwanell, and surprise solo winner Donnie are back together, ready to begin their journeys in the music industry and record their debut albums. Yup, the Making The Band 4 guys are reuniting with Diddy and moving back into the penthouse. But there’s a twist … platinum-selling all-female pop group Danity Kane, winners of Making the Band 3, are joining the guys in the house while working on their new album! And Diddy wants to see who will finish first. Season 2 of Making the Band 4 pits guys against girls, fresh faces vs. established artists to see who will be the first to complete their album. Will the guys be able to stay focused on the task at hand with the five lovely ladies of Danity Kane occupying the same space? Follow the guys as they learn to work together and take the next step toward becoming established artists all while living up to Diddy’s high standards.

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