American Pie Presents Band Camp - Tuesday 8 January

“American Pie Presents Band Camp” – Tuesday, January 8th

9:00PM ET/CT/MT/PT on Citytv Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver

Starring: Eugene Levy and Tad Hilgenbrink
In the spirit of the original American Pie classics, this one is sure to have you in stitches. This time around, the focus is on Matt Stifler (Hilgenbrink), younger brother of Steve Stifler, as Matt is sent to band camp for the summer when he faces expulsion from school. At first, Matt attempts to wire the camp with hidden cameras to turn it into the set of his own “Girls Gone Wild”-type video, but when he falls for fellow campie Elyse, his efforts to stifle his Stiffmeister ways are met with hilarious results.

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