American Idol - Season 7 Countdown! Audition Session January 14

The Premiere of American Idol is One Week Away!

Welcome to Day 2 of the Countdown to American Idol Season 7.

Did you know…the original title for American Idol was American Idol: The Search for a Superstar?

Daily Idol-I.Q. Question: Which finalist was rumoured to be romantically linked to judge Paula Abdul?

Quick! Be the first to reply to with the right answer and win today’s Idol-inspired prize!

Congratulations to yesterday’s Idol-I.Q. winner – Kelly Myers from Rogers TV!

The search for the next American Idol begins in Philadelphia on Tuesday, Jan. 15 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV, and continues Wednesday, Jan. 16 at 8 p.m. ET on CTV with auditions from Dallas. Episodes featuring American Idol auditions held in San Diego, Omaha, Atlanta, Charleston and Miami to be announced.

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  • Emily

    I absolutly L.O.V.E David Archuleta he has all the qualities of the next american idol. He has his looks, his great voice, and his age, he is so young it would be nice to have someone so young win.