Tom Green's House Tonight - Premieres 7 January

Here’s Tommy! The Comedy Network’s Prodigal Son Returns: Tom Green’s House Tonight Premieres January 7

— Tom Green brings his groundbreaking Web-show Tom Green Live! to television; gives fans an opportunity to chat one-on-one, supply their own clips and help interview guests! —
— Tom Green Live! named “Best Web Talk Show” by TV Guide —

“With his online talk show, Tom Green reaches a new generation of fans” – Rolling Stone

Toronto, Ontario (December 20, 2007) – Screw network studios and their green rooms, dressing rooms and gift bags! Tom Green would rather do a talk show from his living room. After a rollercoaster ride in showbiz — divorcing Drew Barrymore, successfully battling testicular cancer and receiving “rave” reviews for his film Freddy Got Fingered — the man who pioneered and brought do-it-yourself humour to the Youtube generation with his hit television series The Tom Green Show is back on The Comedy Network, the network that launched him to stardom, only this time from the comfort of his own home studio. A TV version of the world’s first-ever online nightly talk show, Tom Green Live! on, Green returns to the airwaves direct from his Hollywood Hills Home with Tom Green’s House Tonight, premiering Monday, January 7 at 11 p.m. ET/PT, exclusively on The Comedy Network. Tom Green’s House Tonight will also be available on-demand at

“I am extremely excited, extremely extremely extremely excited, very very very extremely excited,” says Tom Green. “I’ve got the shortest commute in television!”

Since June 2006, Green’s ground breaking nightly talk show, produced out of Green’s living room, has reached cult status with its DIY public-access feel, unusual in-studio bits and celebrity guests who enjoy the loose atmosphere rarely found on regular television. For example, guest Ed McMahon, topped up his cocktail, after discovering the show was longer than he expected. Or, a heavily inebriated Steve-O (Jackass), who carried on a conversation for a full four hours! Other past celebrity guests include Pamela Anderson, Val Kilmer, Dave Navarro, Bob Saget and Brooke Shields.

A big reason for the success of the show is linked to Green’s accessibility to fans. Each night he chats with fans across North America and around the world via webcam and his home phone line. On any given night he might take a webcam tour of a viewers’ dorm room or have a caller help him interview a celebrity guest. What you won’t find are big shot TV executives, just his dogs, his parrot Rex Murphy, and a couple buddies who volunteer to help flip the switches.

Steve-O aside, don’t expect Tom Green’s House Tonight to lean heavily on the squirm inducing Green of old. Despite having complete creative freedom, the goal is to produce a show where viewers can tune in every night and have an interactive conversation with the host and guest of a talk show.

“I don’t go out of my way to be shocking on the show,” says Green. “I’m really trying to take advantage of the looseness of the medium and the ability to be completely honest, real and in the moment like the way television was when it first started.”

Recently named “Best Web Talk Show” by TV Guide in their first-ever 2007 Online Video Awards, Tom Green Live! attracts over 20,000 live viewers each night, meanwhile archived clips on the show’s homepage as well as on YouTube and MySpace have been streamed over 40 million times. Tom Green’s return to the talk show world brings him full circle to his days as host of his hit show, The Tom Green Show, which aired on The Comedy Network (1997-1999) and was later picked up by MTV in the U.S. This success led to several big screen performances including Freddy Got Fingered, Road Trip and Stealing Harvard. Green also dabbled briefly in the talk show world as host of MTV’s The New Tom Green Show.

Tom Green is Creator, Executive Producer and star of Tom Green’s House Tonight.

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