The Jon Dore Television Show - Wednesdays: January 2,9, 16, 23

Wednesday, January 2

10 – 10:30 p.m. ET/PT – The Jon Dore Television Show – “Jon Gets Political”

To honor the memory of his late grandfather, Jon sets out to make a difference in the world. He learns the hard way that getting political is all about wearing a suit, making your hair look like a toupee and talking like a sedated robot. With his fake wife and rented children in tow, Jon

takes on city hall and makes a complete ass of himself. Though his heart’s in the right place, Jon realizes that he can never have a career in politics because his heart’s in the right place.

Wednesday, January 9

10 – 10:30 p.m. ET/PT – The Jon Dore Television Show – “Jon-a-thon”

When his friend Mark is forced to pay for his own ambulance after a bought with alcohol poisoning, Jon sets out to raise money for drunks. So that no booze bag will ever have to pay for an ambulance ride, no matter how drunk they get, Jon begins to canvas the public for support. In a violent confrontation with other fundraisers, Jon learns that the compassion game is absolutely vicious.

Wednesday, January 16

10 – 10:30 p.m. ET/PT – The Jon Dore Television Show – “Jon’s Rage”

To keep the woman he almost loves, Jon decides to deal with his unmanageable rage. His shrink takes Jon through an intensive session to deal with his anger and almost gets through to him for the first time. To channel his rage, Jon forms a heavy metal band with his annoying neighbour. All goes as well as can be expected until, during their debut concert, Jon’s fury threatens to rear its hideous head. Will Jon manage to keep the woman he almost loves and find success in the music business? Probably not.
Wednesday, January 16 (cont’d)

Wednesday, January 23

10 – 10:30 p.m. ET/PT – The Jon Dore Television Show – “Loss and Roger”

In this heartwarming season ender, Jon helps his bubby Bob deal with loss. Jon is inspired by a fetus named Roger who has raised himself in a dumpster. Roger’s words move Jon so deeply, that he nearly manages to do something nice for someone else. Jon learns from an Irish bartender that its better celebrate the good times than to mourn the bad. When the party Jon throws for his friend ends in tragedy, he realizes that it’s really a blessing because it didn’t happen to Jon.

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