Limelighters - 4 part documentary series - Thursday 3 January


Thursday, January 3 – 10pm ET/PT

A four-part documentary series set within the unique community of a performing artists’ village in downtown Toronto, known as the Performing Arts Lodge (PAL). These artists are people with a refreshing view of aging and a very playful approach to living. Humor, passion and pathos are wrapped around each life of the residents of PAL, and through this documentary series they will be introduced to Canada…again.

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  • dan macdonald

    Delighted to see a sympathetic look at Canada’s pioneer entertainers during the latter years of their lives. Their contributions to the reputation of this nation cannot be calculated…not that there are many signs of any more appreciation now than when they were struggling and sacrificing to share Canadian experiences with their fellow Canadians in a field increasingly being sold out to foreign interests. The establishment of PAL (Performing Arts Lodges of Canada) was done with little support from the sources claiming to have our cultural interest at heart, and PAL has carried on -and spread countrywide- mainly on the strength of commitment of these special souls only.
    The scene of Mr. Wicks and Ms. Beacroft, shortly before her death, was very special and loving.

  • colleen pocock

    This is such a wonderful view of lives well lead, with humor, love compassion,vigor. I hope ,wish and pray that in my limelight years some one will find my life as well lived and interesting enough to share. Thanks for the gift.

  • gail d whitter

    i have been watching the show since the first episode and just had to connect with the Limelighters.

    i have been a poet/artist all my life and have lived with chronic pain for the majority of my adult years. this program has been a real inspiration to me and watching every week is a joy.

    it is the most “positive” show i have seen on television in a long time and i hope you continue to produce the show.

    i wish everyone involved with the Limelighter, many blessings.

    thank you.

  • Laura Barron

    “The Limelighters” is the best television series I have ever had the pleasure of viewing. Each episode brought a tear to my eye and a smile to my heart.

    The warm and engaging people at PAL (Performing Arts Lodge) Toronto are the most inspiring group of characters I have ever seen on television. Each episode lifted my spirits.

    I wish all of the people at PAL – and all of those who created this high quality mini-series – the very best.

    Hopefully we will all see more of “The Limelighters” in the future.

    Many thanks.

  • Karen Caddigan

    What a fabulous series. I wish there was more.
    Having been raised into amateur theatre by a fabulously talented Mother who is no longer with us it was very close to my heart.
    I enjoyed last night’s episode so much and I agree that “WEBB” is a National treasure.
    I would take a class from him anyday!

  • christy tucker

    My friend and I watched this show and loved it. I’m 32 and he is 24. It is a wonderful documentary and we fell in love with the people and their history. It was refreshing and something to look forward to watching. The thing that really saddens me is that I just found out it was only a 4 part series. I thought this was a wonderful new weekly show. I hope more shows will be done. I will miss seeing the residents of PAL!!

  • t. l.

    i was involved the production and it fantastic experience working with the residents of PAL. They are amazing people that have such a great heart and a wonderful outlook on life. Unfortunately in Canada we have a history of not putting our artists on ‘star’ status until they become famous in other countries like the USA. This leads them to living a ‘secret’ live where their great contributions to our culture go relatively unnoticed. Hopefully ‘The Limelighters’ gives them a fraction of the exposure they deserve.

  • Jan Moore

    Heaps of praise to everyone involved in the “Limelighters”!!!

    I stumbled across it by accident, fell in love with the characters … and then it was over. What happened? This finally felt like a “reality show” worth watching.

    Is the program available on DVD? Are there plans for more episodes? This is the kind of inspiration Baby Boomers need to help them prepare for their own mid-life transition. The program cleary showed that aging can be filled with purpose, meaning, fun and laughter! What more could we ask? (Except perhaps a few more dollars.)

    I’d like to say to you: “The show must go on.” Let’s see if you can make that happen. (I’d love to use this in my own work as a retirement coach.)

    Thanks again for a great four episodes!

  • jim Steuart

    I also stumbled upon this show by accident. It is one of the most heart warming shows I have seen in years. I didn’t realize there were only 4, and wish there were more.
    I know we have a PAL in Vancouver, and now I am even more behind the program.
    I really hope for more.

  • Jim Ince

    Jan —

    I just read your posting and perhaps I can be of assistance with regard to your request for the program DVD — not only do I live at PAL Toronto and was included in several of the episodes, but I also have copies of all four of the episodes from the original masters and could make a copy for you for your use as a “retirement coach” (whatever that is…) Let me know and I’m glad you liked the show.

    Jim Ince (Dr. Bandoli)

  • Jim Ince

    Addendum to Jan —

    Although it is quite possible you never return to this site and will not read my response to your response, upon re-reading my note I noticed I neglected to include an email address for you — I may be contacted at Who knows…? As you probably gathered from The Limelighters, we all seem to believe in both good kharma and miracles.
    Illegitimi Non Carborundum!!!

    Da Doc (Jim Ince)

  • helene Harrison

    I just watched an episode of this wonderful program, which I found by accident, being broadcast on NTV, on a rainy Sunday afternoon here in Victoria, BC. I was especially interested as a dear and super-talented friend recently moved into PAL, a place he’d been hoping to move into for many years.
    The amount of talent and experience by folks who are still going, and going strong in many cases, makes me sorry that this series was only 4 episodes long.
    Why not have a monthly or weekly show where our senior entertainers can get up and do what they do best and show Canadians how lucky we are to have so many talented performers of all ages considering the relatively small population of this country.
    When I think of all the great British tv series which have and do star senior performers without treating them like children, but dealing realistically with their lives in humorous and touching ways, I think these Canadian performers not only deserve the same respect, but similar opportunities to keep working and entertaining within their present capabilities.
    Rock on!
    Helene Harrison

  • Helen

    Yes, I really enjoyed the show. I live in Toronto have been doing movie extra work and now would like to get a principal agent. I am a cregiver for my 2 parents so funds are short. Does any one of one where I could pay as the money came in.
    I have head shots and 2 music videos and resume. etc. tks Helen

  • Cindy

    I really enjoyed this show. It was great to see how happy the people at Pals were and to see some of their wonderful performances. It was also very interesting to see their background in performing, their singing, or their past life in theatre or movies etc. It was awesome that they could keep active in something they truly enjoyed and never really retire. The commentator was great and his story was great too.

    Thank you so much for producing such a wonderful series. I hope it comes back on TV again and/or more like it! I saw this show on Global TV.