Ed's Up - Monday 31 December

Ed’s Up!

Mon., Dec. 24 – Mon., Dec. 31 at 8 p.m. ET

Get a front row seat as iconic Canadian music legend and co-founding member of the Barenaked Ladies, Ed Robertson, comes down to Earth to try everyday jobs in the series Ed’s Up!. Each night during the holidays, watch as Robertson sets out to try jobs he’s never dreamed of doing…and some that he has. Robertson, an avid recreational pilot, must land his Cessna plane near the location of each of his new tasks. Easy enough, right? The catch is that this rock star has to land on the closest body of water to his mystery location. With floats now added to his plane, Robertson takes to the skies and jets to various cities across North America to tackle some of the most challenging and exhilarating jobs imaginable.

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  • Kory Korolev

    Good Evening,
    Why would anyone in Canada want to watch an outdoor show Featuring Ed Robertson.When their market for album sales is not primarly in Canada.
    I truly think OLN could have found a better personality to fill this role.This show will not last longer then one season, reflective of album and ticket sales within Canada.The Bare Naked Ladies have since gone independent from Warner to capitalize on album sales.Greed is all, did OLN contact Big Ed with this new venture or did Ed and his agent contact you with this idea.An average joe with “a personality” and knowledge would go alot farther then some idiot from a band that cant even be successful in their own country.Stop wasting your money on commercials for this show, I wouldnt be surprised if it gets cancelled after 5 episodes.I watch OLN religiously being an advid hunter fisherman all all round outdoor enthusiast.This is just a mockery to society and others profession.Truly disappointed OLN viewer..