Cribs featuring 50 Cent on MTV

Monday 17 December
9:30 – 10 p.m. ET – “Cribs” featuring 50 Cent

First he took over the charts, now rap superstar 50 Cent will take over MTV “Cribs” in an all-new episode devoted to his 17-acre Connecticut estate. 50 will go from P.I.M.P. to V.I.P., as he gives the ultimate tour to his 19-bedroom mansion (complete with 35 bathrooms!), the surrounding grounds and enlists his recording crew G-Unit to help with the hosting duties. Episode highlights of 50’s estate, which was once owned by boxing legend Mike Tyson, include a movie theater with a database of over 3,000 movie titles; a custom Gucci billiards room with suede, Gucci-print wallpaper and a Gucci pool table; indoor and outdoor pools; an ATV track; an elevator between floors; and since you can always find him in the club, his very own dance floor, custom DJ booth and strip club.

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