The Root Of All Evil

A fight breaks out over the selling of food from the kitchen as snacks when it is normally free when Divad takes some food and prepares it. Jared wants to compete but they gang up on him. In frustration, he overturns Divad’s tables.

The Town Council read the journal and it tells them that there is a gold mine up the road. Laurel is worried about the town turning into a haves and have nots and greed becoming a driving factor in the town.

Divad and Jared make up while the council check out the mine. There were bats and all things to scare young children.

To entertain everyone, Sophia puts some fifty cent pieces in the bottom of a pot and fills it with all sorts of disgusting things from the kitchen and then offers to anyone who wants to put their hands in the chance to get themselves 50c.

The council find a treasure chest deep in the mine and when they open it it is loaded with 370 buffalo nickels. They decide that they will buy a bunch of things for the town to use. Kites, musical instruments and sporting goods.

11 year old Nathan is still aware that while it’s nice to have some fun, there are still a lot of things that need to get done. He’s doing laundry and Laurel comes up and talks to him and suggests he needs to relax and be a kid for a bit instead of working.

Nathan and Greg always seem to fight and they’re arguing about water. Nathan says he’s had enough and contemplates going home but it doesn’t want to weaken him.

There is some girls laundry getting washed and Sophia tells the boys that they’ll do them since they’re nasty.

Divad is the richest kid in town with $1.25 which she’s made from selling fried potato.

It’s time for the next Showdown. It’s about collecting golden eggs. The aim is use a giant slingshot and fire gold painted eggs and while others from the district must catch them in giant padded cushions. Blue has a great system and catches them one after anohter while Red and Green really struggle. They need to get 4 dozen eggs in total to win the reward for the town in 15 minutes.

After the challenge the eggs are counted. Red only caught 5. Green caught 6. Yellow caught 18. Blue needs to have caught 19 for the award. They caught 38 eggs giving them a huge lead and the Upper Class. The first option for the reward is coin operated washing machines that will cost 20c per load. The second option is a new set of clothes each and a pioneer washing machine for free. The council deliberates and decide on the free clothes.

Jared has an idea and has a magnifying glass which he uses to burn letters into bits of wood and makes some necklaces to sell for 10c. It’s genius and makes him $2.90 which he then heads off to spend. He buys himself a jacket, shoes and hat and says he’s now the Bill Gates of Bonanza City.

Pharoah is wanting to win the gold star and give the $20,000 to his mom cause he really needs it.

Nathan is doing some washing late at night and Guylan talks to him to try and get him to relax a little too but he’s a really hard worker. Later that night, Greg apologises for being mean to him.

In the morning, Divad is campaigning for the gold star too. While everyone is standing outside in the line waiting to give the council their thoughts on who should win the gold star, Divad is handing out snacks to be nice but a lot of people are viewing it as a bribe.

The council’s decision is going to be either Nathan or Pharoah. At the town hall meeting, they make the announcement and this week it’s Nathan. He’s going to put the money towards music and school.

Divad is feeling a little jealous and thinks she does just as much work as Nathan and wonders if she needs to bring the council to every place where she’s working so they notice her.

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