Starved for entertainment

Sophia is so bored that she lays down in the middle of the street and says nothing. A number of other kids come and join her and really think that the town is a boring place to live and think there is nothing to do. They decide it’s time for a meeting to discuss what they should do to make their town a cool place to live in. DK has rallied the troops and is demanding that the town council do something about boredom in Bonanza City.

The council agree that it’s time to do something to make the town a better place to live. They read the journal which tells them that they need to create some sort of entertainment event or like the old days, people might leave. They decide that they’re going to have a talent show. There’s a sign up sheet and Olivia signs up as a stand up comic which scares Anjay who has no idea what that is.

Laurel brings the council together and says that this week they should give the gold star to the winner of the talent show.

One person aiming to win is Kennedy who is happy to make a fool of herself dancing on stage. Jared is planning on doing a Shakespeare monologue.

Sophia can’t believe Olivia is going to do stand up because she’s always so serious. Greg has never read Shakespeare before and is hoping to pull it off.

Savannah and Kennedy prepare a Kentucky dinner for everyone which makes her a little homesick.

Migle and Natasha at part of the blue district and the upper class. While Greg and the others in the district decide to work and help the town, the other girls sit around talking about clothes and stuff. They get compared to Paris and Nicole. They decide that unless they start to work, they are going to throw the showdown and make them clean toilets. They give them an ultimatum.

Savannah is really homesick and Alex is trying to comfort her and make her stay in the town.

It’s Showdown time again and Blue are threatening to throw the challenge while Green are desperate to win the upper class.

It’s a giant art project. It’s paint by number but it’s with bubble gum. They have to chew colored gum as fast as they can and then pass it to their leader who must put it on the board. If they can all complete the task in an hour then they will win the town reward.

Greg says he’d never throw a showdown but there’s nothing like a threat. Campbell dances his way through the challenge and inspires Green to keep going. It’s between Blue and Green and even after some of the gum falls off and needs to be stuck back on. Green takes the win with Blue coming in second. Red comes in third to be the cooks and Yellow comes in last and after the hour mark meaning they’re the laborers and the whole town misses out on the reward which would have been enough paint to paint the whole town or a block party with music, dancing, lights and popcorn.

Savannah is desperately homesick and miserable and crying about how unsure of what she should do.

The talent show is an absolute success and everyone has a blast and a lot of fun. So much so that Savannah has decided to stay.

The council asks everyone for their nominations before the town meeting. At the town meeting, Jonathan wants to know if there were any other talents that weren’t exposed. DK wants to hear Laurel sing who is finally convinced and she sings Chris Tomlin - Amazing Grace - Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) Amazing Grace.

The person the council has chosen to give the gold star to is Kennedy.

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