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Rise and Shine! Good Morning World Serves Up the Morning News with a Side of Fluff
Weekdays on thecomedynetwork.ca

– Week’s worth of Webisodes to be re-capped on The Comedy Network, Friday’s at 8:30 p.m. –

– Comics Peter Oldring and Pat Kelly star as Good Morning World’s inept hosts –

Toronto, Ontario (November 1, 2007) – The Comedy Network is about to get even more cyber-active with the premiere of its newest original production, Good Morning World. Premiering Monday, November 12 on thecomedynetwork.ca, the five-to-seven minute webisodes of this hilarious mock morning show will be available each weekday morning for viewing on the website’s broadband player. The week’s worth of webisodes will then be re-capped in a half-hour broadcast episode, Fridays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT, beginning November 16, exclusively on The Comedy Network.

Good Morning World, stars Calgary natives Peter Oldring and Pat Kelly as overly-tanned and peppy alter egos, Andy Peppers and Allister Coulter, who from their cheesy 80’s style studio, parody the worst of morning show stereotypes. Together, they cook up the usual morning show diet of mindless puerile banter, with a side of irony, sarcasm and satire and mix it with some quirky editing and canned segments on cooking, exercise and home improvements.

In week one, the spunky Good Morning World duo introduce their daily ritual “What’s In This Mug” (surprise contents include Banana Yogurt, Bong Water and Gin); Allister instructs viewers in how to conduct a bi-annual umbrella check-up; and Andy demonstrates how to enjoy doughnuts disguised as bran muffins to save people from the judging eyes of health nuts. To cap the week off, Andy and Allister provide tips to interested cities on putting together a successful Olympic bid.

Oldring and Kelly created Good Morning World as a pet project and started posting episodes to Goodmorningworld.com in July, 2006. In the year that followed, Andy and Allister’s crazy antics attracted both a cult following online and the eye of The Comedy Network. Oldring and Kelly will create 130 webisodes and 26 broadcast episodes to air on the network this season.

About Peter Oldring

Peter Oldring began his improv career in 1998 performing with the Loose Moose Theater in Calgary, Alberta. Oldring then went on to hone his comedic prowess, performing throughout Canada and the U.S. with the Vancouver Theatresports, All Canadian Theatresports and The Second City National Touring Co. A veteran comedian at the Just for Laughs Improv Championships, Olding’s film and television credits include: Improv Heaven and Hell, The Man starring Eugene Levy, Corner Gas, Billable Hours, and Intern Academy starring Dan Akroyd and Dave Thomas. Nominated for a 2007 Canadian Comedy Awards for “Male Improviser of the Year”, Olding can currently be seen on CMT’s Foxworthy’s Big Night Out and in the acclaimed Canadian film Young People Fucking .

About Pat Kelly

Pat Kelly launched his comedy career 16 years ago in Calgary’s Loose Moose Theater. From there he went on to appear in the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival, the Chicago, Vancouver and Toronto Improv Festivals and performed alongside Joe Flaherty in SCTV’s The Sammy Maudlin Show. Kelly has also co-written and performed on several stage productions at Second City Toronto. A long-standing host of Canada’s number one youth program The Zone, Kelly has received several nominations for both Gemini and Canadian Comedy Awards in the categories of “Male Host of the Year” and “Improvisation”. During his extensive career, Kelly has worked alongside some of Canada’s most talented comedians including Dave Thomas, Dan Akroyd, Dave Foley and Mark McKinney.

Good Morning World is an original Comedy Network production, produced by Unpluggedtv and Fever Films in association with The Comedy Network. Richard D’Alessio and Dave Thomas (SCTV) are the Executive Produers. Peter Oldring and Pat Kelly are Producers and Chelsea Hulme is Line Producer. Ed Robinson is President and General Manager, The Comedy Network and Space. Brent Haynes is Vice President, The Comedy Network and Space. Michelle Daly is Director of Content, The Comedy Network. Sarah Fowlie is Manager, Original Programming, The Comedy Network.

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  • Larch Dewmount

    I have to say this is one brilliant piece of satire. These guys together are comedic gold.

  • uncledougies


  • plangan

    It is simply the funniest program on the Comedy Network. Good Morning World is hysterical. Not sure why the Comedy Network does not promote it more or do more broadcast shows. We prefer watching it on TC rather than the PC.

  • This is the funniest show on television, it even beats out Curb Your Enthusiasm.

    I have a feeling it will be canceled due to the Americanized morons that seem to be infesting our country lately. Punched Up was hated and was a kick ass show. All good Canadian shows get canceled, while total crap like Trailer Park Boys is loved by ever drunken college kid.

  • spicer m

    this is the most pathetic piece of work, needs to be taken off!

  • John

    This has got to be the stupidest show on television. It never ceases to amaze me what sort of junk gets put on the air!

  • Amanda

    LOL!! I LOVE THIS SHOW!! SOOO FUNNY! Amazing! I would recommend it to anyone. These two guys are magnificent!

  • There’s a bunch of trolls, dougie is one of them, I’ve seen him on IMDb.. Going around flaming every single Canadian show on the comedy network..

    What a douche.

  • bryan duff

    omg i love this show SOOOO much i sytay up till 2 am just to watch it, i have never seen a more original show its sooooooo funny, lol there cooking pieces are godly funny. lol andy pepper is such a drunk!!! lmao and allister coulter XD ill never forget when the north koreans told andy pepper his last name ment penis lmao andy penis XD hahaha

  • marlene

    Wow this more refreshing than other morning show I have ever seen . And no inaccurate weather man lol …….Sorry breakfast television Iam hooked!!!!

  • fuck you

    This has to be one of the stupidest shows I’ve watched over the years, I watched it a few times to give it a chance to try and find one funny thing, not once did I laugh, in fact I had to raze an eyebrow a few times from how un-funny it was. I’d rather watch old re-runs of Tom Greens old show, the crap where he’d suck off a cow or whatever. Seriously though, this show is fucking lame, get it off the air fast, why does the Comedy Network have such crappy shows? The cartoons are fine, south park, the simpsons and whatnot, but wow this just sucks, you’d have to be half retarded to find that show funny. They should try showing movies, good comedy’s.

  • Heather

    I love these guys! Good Morning World is a painfully accurate satire of those inane morning shows that every TV channel cooks up. Throw a couple of smiling plastic non-entities out there to sip their “coffee” and talk endlessly to uninteresting guests about asinine crap that no intelligent person gives a hoot about.

    Andy and Allister do it better than anyone else! Brilliant!

  • Anonymous

    Hey, I love these guys! They have great ideas, one of which I used to great advantage! Remember the ball that is a great parking pointer in your garage, works like a hot damn; and if anyone doubts that, I have pictures to prove it!!! My parking exploits are at a minimum now, the smiley face ball helps me park perfectly every time!!!