I'm Not as Dumb as I Look

This week on Survivor China:

After Tribal Council and back at Fei Long Courtney is a little annoyed at Amanda and Todd over them trying to be friends with her even though they wont back her in trying to get rid of Jean-Robert.

At Zhan Hu, James and Peigh Gee talk strategy beyond the merge. While the others are down at the water talking about how weird James seemed to be when he came back from camp, James is back taking the second immunity idol for himself.

Courtney and Todd talk further about Jean-Robert and Todd is getting annoyed about her desire to get rid of him because of the merge coming up and how that could affect their numbers.

At Zhan Hu, the tribe have discovered the board missing off the archway. They find the one that James had knocked off the wrong side. Peigh Gee takes James off for a walk and Jamie goes through James bag and discovers that he’s got two immunity idols wrapped up in his pants.

In the morning, James can’t find the board he knocked off and wonders if Jamie has taken it thinking it was the right one. He’s in hysterics at the the thought that she might have put the board aside thinking it was the immunity idol when it wasn’t.

The two tribes come together and Jeff announces that they have merged. Jamie thinks it will be interesting now that they’ve merged and she “has the immunity idol”.

Jeff tells them that they’re heading off to enjoy a feast and performance by some Chinese acrobats but then they’re also warned that the game never ends.

The new tribe decide on a new tribe name and Black Monsoon and Fighting Wind are thrown around.

Peigh Gee is hoping that she has James and Frosti on her side come the vote.

Jeff turns up at camp and they tell him that the new Tribe is called Black Fighting Wind. Jeff pulls out the Individual Immunity Idol and says it’s time for the challenge. They need to recall what happened during the feast and performance. If they get it wrong, they’re out.

The first question is about how many lots of firecrackers were let off. James, Courtney, Amanda and Peigh Gee all got it wrong and are out. The correct answer was three.

The second question is about what was in the centre of the table. It was a dragon and everyone get that right.

The next question was in regards to the color of the pole in the middle of the courtyard. Both Frosti and Jamie get it right (yellow) while everyone else said red.

The last question was what were the dancing girls in the long skirts wearing on their feet. The correct answer was nothing which Frosti guessed after he’d said at the start he would lose because he has a terrible memory.

James talks to Todd about the immunity Idol situation and how one of them has a blank board. They think it’s Jamie and they want to get rid of her. James is also annoyed with Courtney who is playing Frosti and some love game.

Jean-Robert and Todd talk and plan a trip to the final 3. Jean-Robert says that if he gets screwed though then he will hold Todd responsible and he will not win because he will lobby so hard against him.

Jamie talks to Frosti about the Immunity Idol and tries to convince him to vote for Jean-Robert. She then talks to Todd and says that if he keeps her around for another day then she’ll tell him who has the immunity idols tomorrow. Todd laughs and thinks she’s on the little bike at the back of the bunch and is peddling furiously.

Tribal Council is certainly shaping up to be incredibly interesting.

Just before Jeff reads the votes, Jamie pulls out her board and asks if it is an immunity idol. Jeff tells her it’s not and throws it into the fire much to Jean-Robert’s relief. Jeff reads out the votes and Jamie’s name is written on the most parchments so she’s gone and becomes the first member of the jury.

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