November 2007

Award winning indie production teams Cynically Tested and I am..films are set to launch “Twixters” a satirical indie comedy series about twenty-something’s, caught between adolescence and adulthood.

“The series was created by twenty-somethings from all walks of life who came together because we felt our generation was constantly being misrepresented on television” say the show’s creators Dan Speerin and Wes McClintock.

The series makes its Canadian debut on Emmy Award winning Bite TV on November 27th at 9 pm. The series will also air on the U.K’s Propeller TV and reach 58 countries by early next year.

“Propeller TV supports international content and are glad to support ‘twixters’, a highly original and entertaining series” said John Offord, Programme Acquisition Manager, Propeller TV.

The twixters online community can be found on the internet at

Rock out with your balls out! The Comedy Network’s The Jon Dore Television Show and Keys to the VIP climb the ratings charts!

A 10th anniversary and a cross-country “Dime Bag Comedy Tour” Yes, The Comedy Network has a lot to celebrate lately – including increased ratings for the talking testicles, repulsive nudity and the pick-up artists featured in The Jon Dore Television Show and Keys to the VIP. Half way through their seasons, both shows are making a rapid ascent up The Comedy Network’s ratings chart!

So far, Season 1 of The Jon Dore Television Show has averaged 57,000 viewers through five episodes. Meanwhile, Season 2 of Keys to the VIP has averaged 65,000 viewers through four episodes. Even in repeats Keys has achieved excellent numbers, topping out at 135,000 viewers on Saturday, November 10. Both series rank #2 and #3 among all original series on The Comedy Network, behind only homegrown heavyweight, Corner Gas. Keys, up 71% from last season’s average, is also the #1 original production on The Comedy Network among male viewers 18-34.

The Jon Dore Television Show has been attracting “critical” attention as well, with reviews ranging from “Jon Dore’s testicles aren’t that funny” (Toronto Star) to “a half-hour-long masturbation joke” (The Globe and Mail). The series stars award-winning comic Jon Dore whose flat-out, crazy take on life is told through an array of real-life interviews, off-the-wall tangents and wild antics. In each episode, Dore fearlessly throws himself in the line-of-fire as he sets out to correct his faults and make all his “wrongs” right again. In the next episode, premiering tonight at 10 p.m. ET/PT, Jon tries everything to quit smoking including patches, boxes of gum and hypnotism.

Since Keys to the VIP premiered last season, buzz surrounding the series quickly spread from the night clubs to bachelor pads, campuses and computer screens across the country. The series is also one of the most-viewed programs on The Comedy Network’s broadband channel at Each episode showcases the “skills” of two so-called studs as they compete against each other in three hilarious rounds of pick-up challenges.

The winner is awarded “the Keys to the VIP” – a VIP club experience with full bottle service at an exclusive party hot spot. In the next episode, premiering tomorrow night, (Thursday, November 22 at 10 p.m. ET/PT), “Hot Body” Jason squares-off against Mike “The Magician.” The challenges include “Reverse Gold Digger” (each player has three minutes to get a woman to buy him a drink) and “Kiss Close” (each player must go for a kiss!).

Source: BBM Nielsen Media Research.

Citytv Lends A Helping Hand With “Habitat Day”
On Citytv
Wednesday, December 5th from 6:00 am – 7:00 pm

We’ve got all-day coverage as our team rolls up their sleeves to help build A Habitat for Humanity Home!

(Toronto – November 21st, 2007) – Watch your favourite Citytv personalities lend a hand to complete a Habitat for Humanity home on Wednesday, December 5th from 6:00am – 7:00pm. Viewers can watch live beginning on “BreakfastTelevision”, followed by “CityNews at Noon”, “CityNews at Six” and regular hits on CP24 which can be seen on throughout the day.

Led by “BreakfastTelevision’s” Jennifer Valentyne, Citytv’s best will roll up their sleeves and flex their muscles to complete a house in just one day for this important initiative. Jennifer will be on site all day to report on the progress, the challenges and the good work that Habitat for Humanity does in the community. On “CityNews at Six”, Anchor Gord Martineau will join Jennifer at the house and reveal the finished home to the family live on air.

Tune into “CityNews on Six” for Francis D’souza’s three-part series on Habitat for Humanity beginning Monday, December 3rd.

Don’t miss the chance to watch your favourite personality swing a hammer! Tune into “Habitat Day” on Citytv, Wednesday, December 5th.

Citytv, with stations in Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton and Winnipeg, broadcasts intensely-local, urban-oriented, culturally-diverse television in its own unique, interactive style. Its strong local voice offers a distinct alternative to other conventional television offerings. Its instantly recognizable ‘look’ and ‘sound’ are the product of an intensely local focus, refreshingly different on-air personalities, unique program formats and high television style. Citytv is a division of Rogers Media Inc., a division of Rogers Communications Inc.

For more information on “BreakfastTelevision”, visit the Citytv website at

This Fall’s Breakout Hit: Private Practice Fever Rises on CTV

— Only New Series to Crack Canada’s Top 20 —

— Hit Show Outpaces First Season of Heroes —

Toronto, ON (November 21, 2007) – It’s official. CTV’s Private Practice is this fall’s biggest breakout hit, pacing better in Canada during its first seven weeks than Heroes did in its first season last year, data from BBM Nielsen Media Research confirms. It’s the highlight of a strong fall season for CTV, which has seen great success with its new series: in addition to breakout hit Private Practice, CTV also has this fall’s big-buzz series Pushing Daisies and teen hit Gossip Girl.

In advance of another new episode of Private Practice tonight on CTV (8 p.m. ET), a snapshot of the performance of the series indicates:

In its first seven weeks, Private Practice is delivering 22.5% more viewers than the first seven weeks of Heroes last fall among total viewers, and 25% more viewers among women 18-49. [i] This is even more remarkable considering Private Practice has aired out of simulcast on CTV since its second episode.
Private Practice has even delivered a larger audience on average this fall than Heroes’ current second season: +23% among F25-54, +2% among F18-49 and +4% among total viewers.[ii] Private Practice is the #1 new program among total viewers and in all key demos, including A25-54, A18-49 and A18-34.[iii] The series’ healthy prognosis is confirmed by its weekly audience average of 1.4 million viewers.

Private Practice is the only new scripted series to rank in the Top 20 among all key demos, placing as high as #17 in A25-54 and #18 among total viewers.[iv Private Practice is one of the only new series with traction, consistently delivering million-plus audiences. Some out-of-simulcast episodes have delivered nearly as many viewers as the series’ simulcast premiere.[v]

“The bona fide breakout hit of the fall season, Private Practice has a glowing prognosis,” said Susanne Boyce, President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc. “Hats off to series Creator and Executive Producer Shonda Rhimes for delivering yet another ratings winner that connects with viewers.”

In tonight’s brand new episode, “In Which Cooper Finds a Port in His Storm,” Cooper returns to the online dating game with surprising results; Addison goes out on a date with one of Violet’s patients; Naomi and Sam make a house call at a convent; Dell gives a tour of Oceanside Wellness to his midwifery classmates; and Addison and Pete participate in a “Safe Surrender” program, coming to the aid of a teenaged new mother. Canadian David Sutcliffe (Gilmore Girls) guest stars as an LAPD Officer who is romantically interested in Addison.

Private Practice stars Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery (Kate Walsh, Grey’s Anatomy) as a renowned surgeon who has left behind Seattle Grace Hospital, a broken marriage and torn relationships and arrived in Los Angeles for sunnier weather and happier possibilities. Beginning a new life at the invitation of her friend, fertility specialist Naomi Bennett (Tony Award-winning Audra McDonald, Wit), Addison joins Naomi’s ex-husband, internist Sam Bennett (Taye Diggs, Daybreak), psychiatrist Violet Turner (Amy Brenneman, Judging Amy), pediatrician Cooper Freedman (Paul Adelstein, Prison Break) and alternative medicine guru Pete Wilder (Tim Daley, The Nine) at the chic Oceanside Wellness Clinic. Also starring are KaDee Strickland as Dr. Charlotte King (American Gangster) and Chris Lowell (Veronica Mars) as William Dell Parker.

Move Over Star Wars: South Park’s “Imaginationland” Trilogy Takes You To A Land Far, Far Away – Beginning Nov. 30 on The Comedy Network

— Imaginations Run Wild and Uncensored in all-new South Park Trilogy —

Toronto, Ontario (November 20, 2007) – Prepare to visit a new dimension of crudeness with the very first South Park trilogy, “Imaginationland,” airing uncensored exclusively on The Comedy Network beginning Friday, November 30 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT. In the first part of the three-episode story arc, Kyle agrees to suck Cartman’s balls if Cartman can find a leprechaun. Cartman begins his quest by entering the magical world of “Imaginationland” in search of the mythical creature. While there, terrorists attack, forcing the kids to battle against imaginary evil forces. Meanwhile, Cartman does find a leprechaun, but Kyle will not make good on his bet. Can Kyle save his friends from evil? Can Cartman find justice for his balls? Tune into Parts II and III to find out, airing Friday, December 7 and Friday, December 14 at 9:30 p.m. ET/ PT.

Here is what to expect in “Imaginationland:”

Friday, November 30

“Part I”

It all begins with Cartman’s quest to find a leprechaun and in turn, win a bet that would force Kyle to suck his balls. The kids have just arrived in Imaginationland, a wondrous, magical place, when terrorist’s attack, unleashing all of mankind’s evil imaginary forces upon the world.

Friday, December 7

“Part II”

The government needs to find a way into Imaginationland and Stan and Kyle are the only two people known to have been there. Meanwhile, Cartman can’t rest until Kyle fulfills his side of the court-ordered agreement to suck his balls.

Friday, December 14

“Part III”

A nuclear device is in position and ready to launch. Inside Imaginationland, Stan and Butters engage in the battle of their lives as they fight the army of evil imaginary forces. Kyle pleads with the U.S. government for his friends’ lives and undeterred by the crisis facing the nation, Cartman goes all the way to the Supreme Court to get Kyle to suck his balls.

MegaWorld: Spain Highlights Cutting-Edge Spanish Science, Dec. 16 on Discovery Channel and Discovery HD

From the cutting-edge technology adding more speed – and adrenalin-packed thrills – to Europe’s fastest roller coaster, to the world’s first solar energy tower which can power over 6,000 homes, discover the latest advancements that are changing the way we live in the newest instalment of Discovery Channel’s MegaWorld series. Premiering Sun., Dec. 16 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT on Discovery Channel and simulcast on Discovery HD, MegaWorld: Spain explores the technological innovations that are revolutionizing the country and the rest of the world. Hosted by Kevin Brauch (da Vinci: Unlocking the Genius, Thirsty Traveller), this fascinating one-hour special takes a closer look at how Spanish advancements in various industries are shaping European science and technology. From innovations in the areas of solar energy to high-tech developments in auto engineering, this special goes inside the fastest, coolest and biggest projects coming out of Spain.

Highlights from MegaWorld: Spain include:

Europe’s Fastest Roller Coaster

Get ready for the roller coaster ride of a lifetime as Europe’s largest theme park, Port Aventura, introduces a “wing-walker” hydraulic launcher with seats cantilevered off either side of the track. The Furious Baco ride keeps low to the ground with only one in-line rollover, but this coaster has the fastest launch speed in Europe – 135 kilometres per hour! Designed by the famous Stengel Engineering rollercoaster design firm, the Furious Baco is 850 metres in length and features the Accelerator System, which does not rely on height to gather speed, thus enabling the ride to travel close to ground level. Go behind-the-scenes at the theme park to learn more about how the mechanisms behind this high-tech coaster make it the only one of its kind in the world.

World’s First Solar Power Tower

A 40-story concrete tower surrounded by glowing beams of light standing majestically in the Spanish countryside may hold the key to developments in a clean-energy future. Surrounded by four massive arrays of 600 mirrors each, this solar tower currently generates 11 megawatts of energy – enough to power over 6,000 homes – without emitting any greenhouse gases or pollutants. Designed and built by Spanish energy company Solucar, the tower tracks the sun on its path across the sky and transforms the light into solar energy. As construction continues on this state-of-the-art tower, learn how experts believe this cutting-edge edifice may change the way energy is sourced in the future.

World’s Longest Construction Project

Designed by Gaudi, construction on the world-famous Sagrada Familia Church in Barcelona began over a century ago in 1882. Not only is it still under construction, the church is estimated to be at least 80 years from completion. Renowned for its stunning architecture, based on complex and innovative geometrical shapes, the project now relies on AlphaCAM software to streamline the production of components from locally

quarried stone. Installed in 2004, along with a multi-axis Bermaq machining centre, the CAM software is used to generate accurate models in engineering foam and plastics, before committing to full-size production in stone. Watch as this segment reveals how this new technology is speeding up the work involved in the world’s longest construction project.

World’s Biggest Nightclub

Find out what it takes to prepare for Spain’s biggest party of the year as MegaWorld: Spain checks out “Mega Night” in Ibiza. To prepare for the 10,000 party revellers, club management and the international Italian promoters of Mega Night will have 24 hours to redesign the venue. Watch as organizers from different countries come together to put on an unforgettable event. Millions of bottles of liquor and water are shipped in and transported on the archival 17th century island roads, then integrated into a supply system that can account for every drop that passes the bar. Then, find out how art designers and technical crew race against the clock to assemble electrical equipment, lights and props simultaneously while overcoming unexpected challenges along the way. With millions of dollars on the line, will the party of the year go off without a hitch?

Spanish Super Car

The Tramontana is a super sports car which combines the best elements of a Formula 1 race car and a fighter jet. It is a street car of great technical precision and personalized design, fully handcrafted by a highly qualified professional team. Built in Spain’s Costa Brava, the car boasts the best of automotive and aircraft technologies with a 500 horsepower V12 and a six-speed transmission. The chassis is constructed from aeronautical aluminium and has eight impact-absorption zones along with selected wood, stainless steel and gold finishes, all adding up to 949 kilograms of auto perfection. The Tramontana has developed a carbon fibre monocoque with eight deformable zones calculated for the absorption of impact energy making it the only one in the automotive world that has overcome the FIA crash tests. Take a spin in the Tramontana to see what 12 lucky buyers will experience when taking this fast, high-tech, open-wheel vehicle on the road.

Watching the Weather at the World’s Biggest Sailing Race

All America’s Cup teams in Valencia have at least one meteorologist working full time on weather observation and forecast. But the existence of MDS – the Meteorological Data Service – is revolutionizing the race. MDS is a set of 21 purpose-built buoys spread around the north and south race courses that, along with six inland base stations, provide weather information to all 12 teams in real time. Watch as each buoy and station records and transmits wind direction, speed, barometric pressure and humidity to each team in the race every 15 seconds. Knowing how to approach weather and wind speed is the single biggest factor in determining who will win the sailing race. MegaWorld: Spain profiles the defending champion, Switzerland’s Team Alinghi, by shadowing their meteorologist in addition to meeting the engineer who designed the metrological network for this year’s competition.

World’s Second Largest Hot Air Balloon Plant

Catalonia is home to the second largest hot air balloon manufacturer in the world. The Ultramagic headquarters and factory is located just outside of Barcelona. Here, teams of air balloon experts make balloons that are exported around the world. Equipped with the most up-to-date technology, the plant manufactures ambitiously-constructed balloons ranging in size from those suitable for a private pilot to large passenger-carrying balloons. Watch as these world famous balloons – often in the most unique shapes and styles – are tested for safety and quality on site just after they are constructed.

The MegaWorld series is produced by EPI in association with Discovery Channel (Canada).

Discovery Channel

Bold and leading edge, while informing and entertaining, Discovery Channel is Canada’s leading source for factual programming, as it puts a new spin on exploring adventure, science and technology. This award-winning channel covers the scientific beat, from animals to the animalistic side of humanity, from the sea to space, and the latest in innovation. TV Trends and Quality (TVQ) Survey consistently ranks Discovery Channel Canada first among all English-language Canadian specialty networks for overall quality of programming. Discovery Channel is one of the first Canadian specialty channels to offer programs in HDTV and its production house, Exploration Production Inc. (EPI), continues to be internationally recognized as a producer of cutting-edge programming. The channel’s Web site may be found at

Love. Sex. Drama. October Road Joins CTV Schedule

— Sneak Preview Nov. 22 following Grey’s Anatomy; Season Premiere Nov. 26 —

— Canadian Lindy Booth (Nobel Son) stars as “Pizza Girl” —

Toronto, ON (November 20, 2007) – The smaller the town, the bigger the drama! From steamy affairs, to heartbreak and betrayal, sexy young drama October Road joins the CTV schedule with a sneak peak of the series’ second season this Thursday, Nov. 22 at 10 p.m. ET, immediately following Grey’s Anatomy. The second episode of the returning hit series airs Monday Nov. 26 at 9 p.m. ET on CTV (visit to confirm local broadcast times). October Road joins the CTV schedule just as Dancing with the Stars wraps up its fifth blockbuster season.

October Road’s six-episode first season was a hit for ABC, with its series premiere last March delivering 14 million viewers – the best premiere in the timeslot for ABC since 1992 for women viewers. The series was one of the highest ranking new series last season for both A18-49 and W18-49. “It could well be the most specifically tailor-made series yet for the indie film-watching, novel-reading, urban young adult set,” said

Season 1 of October Road introduced Nick Garrett (Bryan Greenberg, One Tree Hill), a literary celebrity in Manhattan who lives off the fortune from his best-selling novel and movie – a story based on his hometown friends. To the literary world, Nick defined a generation. To his hometown, he betrayed them by telling secrets and painful truths. Nick’s book hurt them all, especially Hannah (Laura Prepon, That ‘70s Show), the love of his life.

Nick’s old buddies aren’t too happy with him either: his best friend Eddie Latekka (Geoff Stults, 7th Heaven); the good-hearted and straightforward Owen Rowan (Brad William Henke, Dexter); the well-meaning but sometimes obnoxious Ikey (Evan Jones, Jarhead); and Physical Phil (Jay Paulson, Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip), a lovable recluse. Without inspiration for a new book, Nick returned home to teach at a local college and see if he can repair his relationships.

In the Season 2 sneak preview “Let’s Get Owen” (Nov. 22), everyone is adjusting to the news that Ikey was sleeping with Owen’s wife. Nick and Eddie head to New York in an attempt to bring their friend Owen back to his family, and Hannah comes to terms with her true feelings for Nick.

In the Season 2 premiere “How to Kiss Hello” (Nov. 26), feelings are out in the open as Hannah opens up to Nick, while Eddie is nervous about openly showing his feelings for Janet (Rebecca Field, ER).

October Road also stars Tom Berenger (Into the West) as “The Commander,” Slade Pearce (Air Buddies) as Sam, Warren Christie (The L Word) as Ray Cataldo, Odette Yustman (Transformers) as Aubrey, Rebecca Field (ER) as Janet and Canadian Lindy Booth (Nobel Son) as “Pizza Girl.”

Friday, November 30

10 p.m. – Without a Trace – “Fight/Flight”

When an ultimate fighter disappears after winning a match, the team discovers he knew a lot of people that could have been responsible for his abduction, including a childhood enemy who was recently released from prison. Poppy Montgomery’s real-life boyfriend, Adam Kaufman (Taken), reprises his role as bartender Brian Donovan.

Thursday November 29
10 p.m. – ER – “Skye’s the Limit”

Kovac’s brother comes for a visit from Croatia causing Abby to feel crowded in her own home. Gates starts to feel the pressure of fatherhood when Sarah decides to have a sleepover with her friends. Meanwhile, Pratt is upset when a new temporary ER chief is named. Canadian Kari Matchett (24) returns as a guest star.

Thursday, November 29

7 p.m. – eTalk

eTalk has exclusive coverage of the Unite Against AIDS concert in Montreal. Hosted by eTalk’s Ben Mulroney, the concert highlights include performances by Avril Lavigne, Sarah McLachlan, John Mayer and Corneille.