Viva La Revolucion

Here is what happened on Kid Nation this week:

Zach heads off to wake up the girls to get them up and make breakfast. Taylor and the other girls refuse to help and say they’ll do the dishes instead but if past chores are anything to go by, that wont happen and Taylor will be left to cry at the town hall meeting.

The town council read the journal and it tells them that it’s time for district elections. This should be good. They all look concerned except for Laurel.

A food fight breaks out in the dining room and Anjay gets a pile of food in the face. He throws it back and then gets into an argument with Olivia. Anjay is worried that he’ll lose to her in the elections while Sophia is looking forward to seeing Taylor voted out.

The green district meet together and everyone is happy with Laurel’s leadership despite having some great leaders in the team.

Olivia tells Anjay that she’s running against him. Anjay isn’t happy about it and never wanted Bonanza city to end up with politics.

For the Red District, Guylan steps up and stands against Mike. Anjay promises to do better and learn from his mistakes but Olivia is standing against him and promises to work hard at being a leader – harder than she has at the tasks. Taylor begs for another chance and promises to not be so lazy. Zach makes a moving speech but Taylor spitefully says it’s still not the best speech she’s ever heard.

It’s time for the showdown and there are over 300 pinata’s out in the field and one at a time, the districts must run out and break open the pinata’s and hope to find a picture of a US President. They need to collect seven different presidents and then the council member needs to put them in the correct order.

It’s pretty manic out in the field as the districts smash their way through the pinatas. Green is ahead on 6 cards and then Yellow on four. Green finishes first but they’re wrong. Yellow, who arrived a split second later are right and become the new upper class. On their second attempt, Green gets it correct and become the merchants. Red comes in third and are the cooks but blue have less than a minute to find their final president. With 15 seconds on the clock, Blue District finishes and wins the reward for the town. The first option is a political party with BBQ and meat, meat, meat. The second option is toothbrushes, floss and mouthwash.

Brushes or Burgers? Taylor announces that it’s dental hygiene. So many people are upset at not having meat. Taylor tells them that if they want meat then they should kill a chicken.

Taylor is confident she has all the girls on her side. Zach is hoping to swing one of the girls his way. Guylan is hoping he’s got it in the bag while Olivia is campaigning hard for the vote.

The campaigning starts and posters go up all over town. Markelle from the Red district gets upset at the posters and wants Taylor out and starts ripping them and causes some friction.

The town council talk about who should be given the Gold Star and Taylor puts Greg’s name forward while the others suggest Zach much to Taylors disgust.

At the Town Hall Meeting, the pioneers hear the current council announce that Greg is the winner of the Gold Star. Greg is very emotional about getting the Gold Star because now he’ll be able to go to college. Before he does though, it’s time for the election. How different will the council look after the vote? Zach doesn’t think he’s been elected because all the girls are voting for Taylor because they are her friend rather than because she’s a good leader.

In the Blue district Anjay gets elected over Olivia and maintains his place on the council. In the Red district it’s a landslide victory to Guylan and replaces Mike on the council. Mike is upset and thinks that Guylan is a follower not a leader and wonders what he did to make everyone vote against him. The Yellow district votes are counted and every vote for Taylor is met with silence while every vote for Zach is met with cheers from the entire town. It’s 4-4 with the last vote going to Zach which means the Reign of Taylor is finally over.

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