To Kill or Not to Kill

The kids who aren’t from the farm are so in awe of the eggs and how warm they are.

The town council head to the town hall where the journal tells them that if they’re tired of baked beans and beef jerky then chickens are good for more than just eggs. The looks on their faces is priceless. The council want want a nutritious meal but they decide that they would take a vote.

When the council tell the rest of the kids about the chickens there are screams. They take a vote though and it’s decided my a slim margin that they will be eating chicken. 9 year old Emilie says that if they kill any chickens she’ll be going home. Emilie and a couple of other kids lock themselves in the chicken coup and tie themselves to the rail as a protest.

Tyler manages to convince Emilie that they need to eat and that it will only be two chickens. They all head out to a chopping block to watch. A message pops up on the screen warning viewers that the next scene wont be suitable for younger people. Greg kills the two chickens and then they pluck them before taking them back to the kitchen where Sophia guts them and then Greg chops them up into pieces for their soup.

At dinner, everyone loves the delicious meal. Emilie is upset though and thought it was simply horrible.

In the morning it’s cold and the laundry is frozen in the water.

There are some issues with the yellow district because they’re not pulling their weight and not cooking.

The water pump is frozen which means water restrictions. Mike makes the observation that you don’t realize how much you need water until you don’t have it. Michael decides to get some hot water to pour into the pump in the hopes of melting the ice. It works and the water flows again.

Jonathan Karsh rings the bell and calls the town together. It’s time for the show down again and a chance to change the jobs. The red district do not want to lose their upperclass status and Green do not want to be laboring anymore and think Yellow should.

There is a giant inflatable waterslide. It’s one of the two rewards to choose from if they all can finish within an hour. They have to pipe water to a waterwheel through a series of obstacles. Blue district wins the showdown and takes the upperclass with the red district coming in second as the merchants. Yellow retain their place as the cooks with less than five minutes to go. The Green District failed to get their wheel spinning within the allocated time so there will be no town reward. The second reward item would have been additional water pumps.

The green district are still complaining about Taylor not doing any work while the blue district are chipping in to help the laborers. Perhaps it’s a bid for the $20,000 gold star.

Mallory and a friend have started a pet day care for other kids.

Emilie is in the chicken coup when it should only be upperclass and cooks. There is a bit of a fuss and she comes out but says she wants to go home.

The council deliberate as to who should get the gold star. There is discussion about Greg but Mike thinks he’s doing all the work for the gold star rather than the town. The other option is Michael and it appears to be a split decision as Laurel backs Michael along with Mike.

At the town meeting there is a lot of angst towards taylor. Once again Sophia brings up the yellow teams lack of work. Emilie has decided to stay which means no one is going home this week.

The gold star decision has be made and it has been given to Michael. Michael gets the key to the phone and talks to his mom who is happy to hear his voice and impressed about the gold star.

Greg isn’t happy that he missed out on the gold star and has vowed to do something about it.

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