That's Love Baby, It Makes You Strong

This week on Survivor: China

At Zhan Hu, James is up early carrying water while the others sleep. He knows that he’ll have to work hard so they win the next immunity challenge or he’ll be gone.

At Fei Long, Jean-Robert is snoring loudly. Todd is up talking to Amanda about the Immunity Idol. She had no idea but today they know they will have to find it or if they lose in the immunity challenge then one of them will be going home.

At the reward challenge, the tribes must race one at a time through an old Chinese village and find a puzzle piece which when placed inside a grid will reveal a phrase from Confucious which reads “The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins With A Single Step”.

The winners will be taken to a nearby island where they will enjoy time at a tea house with some tea, a bath, and a western toilet.

Peigh Gee tells Sherea that they’re still in it with them and to tell Todd.

Fei Long cleans up brings James home for a night and the reward. He’s most happy about that. Jeff hands James the bamboo pipe which has the next Immunity Idol clue in it.

The Tea House has a spectacular view and while their hosts bring out some snacks, they bath and shower and clean up a little. It’s a real treat. James stips off and Amanda and Courtney comment on his nice butt.

Back at Zhan Hu, they’re talking about how they have to win immunity because Sherea and Frosti were a little cold towards them during the challenge.

Todd talks to James and tells him to give him what is inside the scoll and he will help save his life. James has no idea what is inside the scroll until he opens it and is relieved and hopeful that it will help his situation.

James hands Todd the scroll which reads “There are four that surround it and four much the same. The etched finer could salvage the game”.

With that clue, Todd figures out where it is. Todd and Amanda start trying to knock it off the top of the entrance and Amanda starts knocking off tiles so it doesn’t look too obvious what they’re doing. Frosti comes over to help and almost spoils the party but they get it just in time.

Todd gives the idol to James and tells him to throw the next challenge at Zhan Hu and vote for Jamie.

Todd tells Courtney and Denise that he found the Immunity Idol and that they need to fight to win as James is going to throw the Immunity Challenge.

The task is a food challenge eating Chinese dishes. Courtney, Denise and Amanda sat out the last challenge which means they have to play in this one along with Frosti. It’s a game to four. Frosti takes the first challenge over Peigh Gee with Chicken Hearts. Jamie beats Courtney with Eel. Erik beats Amanda with baby turtles and then James beats Denise with unhatched chickens after Denise quits and James had given her a head start. Next up is a thousand year old egg between Erik and Frosti which Jeffs tells them will rival anything they’ve ever eaten before. Erik wins giving Zhan Hu the win. Denise fells as though she’s really let her team down.

Todd is annoyed that his perfect plan has failed. Todd talks to Denise and Amanda and they decide it’s Sherea’s time to go. However, Courtney still has an axe to grind against Jean-Robert and talks to Sherea about getting rid of him. Courtney talks to Amanda and Todd about how much she hates Jean-Robert.

Jean-Robert is feeling a little uneasy. Todd talks to Amanda and feels as though they need to get rid of Jean-Robert as they’re setting themselves up as power players and if they don’t do something now then they will get turned on at some point.

At Tribal Council, the votes fall against Sherea and Jean-Robert breathes easy again for a moment.

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