Springfield Ressurected Marathon

At The Comedy Network, we’ve noticed that more than a few guest stars on The Simpsons have now passed on. Perhaps there is a spooky Springfield curse or a little animated animosity towards these a-listers? We don’t know. What we do know is that resurrecting a few of these fallen stars is a real classy way to celebrate Halloween!

The Comedy Network summons the dearly departed with the seven-night “Springfield Ressurected Marathon,” airing nightly between October 29 and November 4 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

The marathon features classic episodes of The Simpsons starring the deceased George Harrison, Joey Ramone, Linda McCartney, Bob Denver, John Entwhistle, Johnny Cash and Rodney Dangerfield. May they rest in peace.

The resurrection includes:

Monday, October 29: “Homer’s Barbershop Quartet”

After Bart and Lisa find one of his old records, Homer recalls his days as a member of a Beatles-esque barbershop quartet, told via flashbacks. Featuring George Harrison (1943-2001).

Tuesday, October 30: “Rosebud”

Yearning for his lost youth and innocence, Mr. Burns searches for his beloved childhood teddy bear, Bobo. When Maggie comes across the bear, she claims it as her own. Mr. Burns tries to get his Bobo back by any means necessary. Featuring Joey Ramone (1951-2001).

Wednesday, October 31: “Lisa the Vegetarian”

After a trip to a petting zoo, Lisa is unable to eat lamb. This exposes her to ridicule and resentment from her father and friends. But with help from Apu, Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney, she stays true to her new path of vegetarianism. Featuring Linda McCartney (1941-1998).

Thursday, November 1: “Simpson’s Tide”

Homer gets fired from the nuclear plant and decides to join the Naval Reserve. Meanwhile, Bart gets an earring to look cool, but Homer makes him quit wearing it and

ends up taking it with him to sea. Homer makes some bad decisions and nearly starts a war. Bart’s earring comes in handy when the ship springs a leak. Featuring Bob Denver (1935-2005).

Friday, November 2: “A Tale of Two Springfields”

When the phone company gives Springfield a new area code, Homer revolts taking the part of Springfield with the new area code (the poor side of town) with him. Soon it’s Olde Springfield versus New Springfield. As mayor of New Springfield, Homer runs it haphazardly and soon the population of New Springfield moves over to Olde Springfield, leaving the Simpson family as the only residents. It takes a Who concert to bring the two parts of Springfield together. Featuring John Entwhistle (1944-2002).

Saturday, November 3: “The Mysterious Voyage of Homer”

At the big annual chili cook-off Homer eats some of Chief Wiggum’s chili with Guatemalan insanity peppers, and it burns the hell out of Homer’s mouth. He decides to put wax in his mouth, so he can eat the peppers whole. After eating a few, he begins hallucinating, runs off into the sunset and experiences a strange journey. Featuring Johnny Cash (1932-2003).

Sunday, November 4: “Burns Baby Burns”

The family goes to an apple mill and on the way home, they see a hitchhiker. Homer wants to pick him up, but Marge is totally against it. Ignoring her, Homer picks him up and finds out that he is Mr. Burns’ illegitimate son, Larry. He helps Larry get in touch with Burns, but Mr. Burns cannot stand him, because he is boorish, obnoxious and rude. Featuring Rodney Dangerfield (1921-2004).

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