Premieres October 23

Two men and one team with everything to lose.

Watch as a once triumphant rugby club struggles to rebuild itself with the help of none other than Academy Award winning actor Russell Crowe in South Sydney Story, premiering October 23, 2007 at 9:00pm ET on Star!

Hold on to your hats sports fans! This documentary-style reality program tells a sports story of epic proportions catapulting the viewer deep into the heart of the Australian Ruby League.

Once labeled “The Pride of the League,” the South Sydney Rabitohs have fallen on hard times. That is until they are thrown a three million dollar life line by die hard fans actor Russell Crowe and business man Peter Homes a Court.

In six thirty-minute episodes, South Sydney Story captures the controversy that overshadowed their purchase of the team and the culture shock surrounding their anticipated arrival to the working-class club.

There are new owners, new players, new facilities, a new coach and new drama, but in the end it’s all about footy as the cameras roll on what has become the most successful year for the Rabitohs in more than a decade.

From the bumps and bruises to the tears and cheers, watch as this infamous team battles its way into history both on and off the field. Tune in to South Sydney Story, premiering October 23, 2007 at 9:00pm ET on Star!.

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