October 2007

Christina Applegate returns to primetime in the new comedy Samantha Who?, airing Mondays at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT beginning October 15, only on A-Channel.

Applegate shows off her comedic talents as the naughty and nice Samantha Newly, a woman who awakens from a coma with amnesia – and the chance to start a new life. Samantha Who? joins a hilarious Monday night line-up on A-Channel beginning with Scrubs at 8 p.m. ET/PT, The Big Bang Theory at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT and Two and a Half Men at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Monk airs Mondays at 10 p.m. ET/PT following Samantha Who?

In the series premiere, Samantha awakens in the hospital and is surrounded by family and friends. The only problem is that she has no idea who they are – or who she is. Sam has retrograde amnesia, which allows her to fully function in the world but leaves her with no personal memories. Most people would deem this disorder a curse, but Sam may come to call it a miracle when she discovers what a horrible person she was before the accident.

As she sets out to rediscover herself, Sam is forced to rely on an eclectic bunch of friends and family. Regina (Jean Smart, 24, Designing Women) and Howard (Kevin Dunn, Transformers, Dave) appear to be loving parents when they’re not downplaying the fact that Sam hasn’t spoken to them in two years. Her supposed best friend, Dena (Melissa McCarthy, Gilmore Girls), is sincerely supportive, until her real best friend, party girl Andrea (Jennifer Esposito, Crash, Spin City), exposes the fact that Dena hasn’t seen or spoken to Sam since the seventh grade. Making things even more awkward, Sam has no recollection of her live-in boyfriend, Todd (Barry Watson, What About Brian, 7th Heaven).

Sam quickly discovers she was a horrible person, vain, selfish and potentially surrounded by far more enemies than friends. She makes a conscious decision to improve herself moving forward. She vows to make better choices, even though her instincts may not always steer her in the right direction. She begins with Frank (Tim Russ, Live Free or Die Hard, Star Trek: Voyager), the doorman at her apartment building. Sam never gave him the time of day before, but after making an effort to simply say hello to him, she discovers an incredibly observant and unlikely confidant.

Sam will need to continue to piece together things from her past to guide her in discovering who she is… or was. After all, sometimes to get to the end of the story, the only place to start is the beginning.

Legal expert and broadcaster Paula Todd returns to CTV Newsnet with another season of hard-hitting criminal and justice news. All new episodes of The Verdict with Paula Todd begin on October 15 at 9 p.m. ET/PT on CTV Newsnet. The program will continue to air every Sunday to Thursday at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

The first episode will deliver an inside look at bullying and the dramatic increase in youth violence. Paul Todd will talk with Kathie-Lee Bennet -a Nova Scotia teenager who was savagely beaten and tortured last month as well as a mother whose son recently committed suicide after being bullied.

Throughout this season, Paula Todd will continue to draw on her own experience and expertise to give Canadians an in-depth look at the major legal affairs stories making headlines in Canada and throughout the world. The new season will feature exclusive interviews with prominent newsmakers, lawyers, legal experts, criminals and victims. Some of the topics to be covered this season include the upcoming verdict in the Pickton trial, the ongoing legal battles surrounding Conrad Black’s appeal and the latest on celebrity run-ins with the law.

The Verdict with Paula Todd is Canada’s first and only daily news series dedicated to crime, justice and legal affairs. It originally launched at the start of the Conrad Black trial and has since become the must-see program for Canadians who follow the drama and excitement that surrounds criminal justice and legal news.

In August, cast members from the CTV drama series, “Degrassi: The Next Generation,” traveled to Kenya with the Toronto-based organization, Free The Children, to build a much needed addition to the Motony Primary School.

The team had just under two weeks to complete the project while MTV’s cameras captured the emotional and physical journey for the half-hour special, “MTV Presents: Degrassi in Kenya.”

Premiering Thursday, Oct. 18 at 7 p.m. ET on MTV, “Degrassi in Kenya” follows the young stars as they build a school and in the process, learn more about the world and themselves. Scheduled to coincide with National Me to We Day on Oct. 19, the special will also air on CTV at a later date.

“It was such a unique opportunity for members of our cast to go to Kenya and build the very first REAL Degrassi school,” said Linda Schuyler, Executive Producer of Degrassi: The Next Generation. “It was amazing to see the exchange between the community and the cast members. Both groups learned invaluable lessons from the other. While the cast may have left a school behind, they took away so much more in life experience.”

MTV’s special about the Degrassi cast in Kenya is a part of a larger initiative involving Free The Children and an event that the organization is hosting called the National Me to We Day. Taking place at Toronto’s Ricoh Centre on October 19th, the National Me to We Day is bring together more than 7,500 student leaders from across Ontario to kick-off a year-long action oriented initiative that will inspire youth into action and connect them to the global community.

The event features an incredible line-up of Canadians who are making a difference in our world, including Roméo Dallaire, Irshad Manji, Craig Kielburger and Marc Kielbruger (the founders of Free The Children http://www.freethechildren.com) among others. In addition, the Degrassi cast will talk about their school-building experience, show some clips of the adventure and take questions from the audience.

Filmed during the last two weeks of August, “Degrassi: The Next Generation” cast members Nina Dobrev (Mia), Marc Donato (Derek), Dalmar Abuzeid (Danny), Jamie Johnston (Peter), Jake Epstein (Craig), Charlotte Arnold (Holly J) and Raymond Ablack (Sav) worked along side Maasai Warriors and community members to help bring the new school addition to fruition. The actors helped in all facets of the construction from carrying wooden trusses and applying mud to the exterior walls to laying and leveling the floor to mixing and creating the cement blocks for the wall and attaching the tin roof. The finished school has been built to withstand the harsh African weather and to stand for at least 40 years; it will be the learning place for dozens of young girls and boys in grades two and three.

For the final touch, a “Degrassi” sign, exactly the same as seen on the wall of the school in the television program, was affixed to the outside of the new building.

“MTV Presents: Degrassi in Kenya” is a 30-minute documentary special and was created in association with the “Free The Children” organization.

The special was produced in-house by MTV Productions; a division of CTV Inc. Lara Leavoy is Producer. Michael Schultz is Producer. Ben Rotterman is Executive Producer. Sam Dynes is Director of Production. Mark McInnis is Vice-President of Production. Brad Schwartz is Senior Vice President and General Manager, Youth and Music. Susanne Boyce is President, President, Creative, Content and Channels, CTV Inc.

Friday October 26 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT

Discover the mystery behind the disappearance of the Thule Inuit – hunters who lived across the Eastern Arctic plains for centuries. What actually happened to these hunters known for their prowess in harpooning whales in open water?

Then, learn how years of exposure to 24 hours of direct sunlight affect the circadian rhythms of the people who live in the north.

And, meet a true north outdoorsman as he takes a wild ride on the raging waters of the Yukon River on homemade rafts made out of logs and rope.

Thursday October 25 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT

“Daily Planet Up North” looks at the only competitive games where ear pulling and kicking higher than your head are legal. It’s how generations of Inuit have kept in shape and “Daily Planet” offers a tutorial on how to use these tactics at home.

Also, meet Mary Dawson, a paleontologist who unearthed evidence of a rhinoceros at Haughton Crater on Devon Island in Nunavut over 30 years ago. She returns to the same site to find out if there are more signs of prehistoric life in one of the world’s highest-latitude terrestrial impact craters.

Then, as the Northwest Passage inches closer to being ice free, the race is on to develop a Canadian shipping hub at the entrance in Nunavut. Find out what it will take to engineer a deep water port to handle the new shipping traffic.

Wednesday October 24 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT

“Daily Planet Up North” finds out how nocturnal bats may be a key to determining the effects of climate change in the land of the midnight sun.

Then meet a high school team obsessed with robots.

Watch as these young Canadian students prepare to take what they’ve discovered to intense international competition.

The frozen road to the vast wilderness of the Canadian north has become the road of opportunity and “Daily Planet” sets out to explore Canada’s territories in an all new theme week.

From October 22 – 28 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT on Discovery Channel, “Daily Planet Up North” co-hosts Jay Ingram and Kim Jagtiani will profile the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut to uncover the stories that reflect the cutting edge science and technology in the area.

From revealing the science behind a Canadian underground diamond mine to getting the inside scoop about the international race for oil and gas in the Arctic, “Daily Planet” goes beyond the cold to reveal what’s heating up the territories in five unique episodes.

Tuesday October 23 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT

Meet Whitehorse inventor Peter Becker as he reveals his latest creation in a bus on a makeshift racetrack with two flat tires. The purpose? “Daily Planet” reveals all.

Then, meet the Christies – owners of the biggest family run gold mine in the north where they extract gold from sand.

Next, travel to Iqaluit, Nunavut, where an enterprising group of residents is trying to revolutionize the territory’s vegetable industry where, even in the far north, they can grow fresh crops thanks to inventive green house technology.

The frozen road to the vast wilderness of the Canadian north has become the road of opportunity and “Daily Planet” sets out to explore Canada’s territories in an all new theme week.

From October 22 – 28 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT on Discovery Channel, “Daily Planet Up North” co-hosts Jay Ingram and Kim Jagtiani will profile the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut to uncover the stories that reflect the cutting edge science and technology in the area.

From revealing the science behind a Canadian underground diamond mine to getting the inside scoop about the international race for oil and gas in the Arctic, “Daily Planet” goes beyond the cold to reveal what’s heating up the territories in five unique episodes.

The frozen road to the vast wilderness of the Canadian north has become the road of opportunity and “Daily Planet” sets out to explore Canada’s territories in an all new theme week.

From October 22 – 28 at 7 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT on Discovery Channel, “Daily Planet Up North” co-hosts Jay Ingram and Kim Jagtiani will profile the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut to uncover the stories that reflect the cutting edge science and technology in the area.

From revealing the science behind a Canadian underground diamond mine to getting the inside scoop about the international race for oil and gas in the Arctic, “Daily Planet” goes beyond the cold to reveal what’s heating up the territories in five unique episodes.

Monday October 22nd at 7pm ET/8pm PT

Using state-of-the-art technology in voice labs, including microscopic cameras, find out the vocal mechanics behind the famed Inuit throat singers and their eerie cultural music.

Have a first hand look at the explosive mud volcanoes that may threaten any plans to lay an oil or gas pipeline as “Daily Planet” boards the research vessel the Nahidik where scientists have an eye on what’s beneath the ocean.

Also, see how the Yukon’s monolithic glaciers are no longer moving at a snails pace as scientists track their speed with some amazing technology.

Who Needs Bling and Fame To Attract The Ladies When You’ve Got “Game!”
Season 2 of Keys to the VIP Premieres Oct. 25 on The Comedy Network

— Competitors put their “rep” on the line for a VIP night club experience and a chance to win a VIP trip to Vegas! —
— “Arm-chair” experts can vote online for their favourite playas of the year to qualify for one of 13 sweet Comedy Network prize packs —
— Find out how you measure up! The “Keys to the VIP Playa Quiz” is set for release Oct. 15 on TheComedyNetwork.ca

Legendary baseball great Babe Ruth once said: “Don’t let the fear of striking out hold you back.” Sure, that’s all fine and good … UNLESS you’re a pick-up “specialist” with ONE shot to prove you’ve got the “chutzpah” to get lucky with the ladies, on national TV! Back for a second season of club-style debauchery is The Comedy Network’s testosterone-fuelled production Keys to the VIP, airing Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET/PT beginning October 25, exclusively on The Comedy Network. See this year’s sophomore crop of chest-thumping playas compete in real-life pick-up challenges while enduring the ridicule (or applause) of the VIP expert panel (Alen, Peachez, Chris and Sheldon) and the prying eyes of a nation-wide audience. The prize? The “Keys to the VIP” – a VIP night club experience complete with full bottle service and the company of the Keys VIP girls! Keys to the VIP is an original Comedy Network production produced in association with Buck Productions and Alpha Male Productions.

Picked up last spring by Fuse TV in the US (with a subscriber base of 45 million), Keys to the VIP is about the pursuit of women … and the men who think they have the “game” to get them. Each episode of the 13-part, half-hour series showcases the “skills” of two so-called studs as they compete against each other in three hilarious rounds of pick-up challenges.

Episode 1 gets off to a roaring start as Josh “The Matador” (Student, 23) goes up against “Maximum” Max (Entertainer, 27). Their first challenge is to get a woman’s phone number by using an opening line provided by the panel (Example: “Should we start talking or keep flirting from a distance?”). Next up is the ‘Recovery’ round where each player must initiate a conversation by insulting a woman’s clothing. In the final challenge, “Divide & Conquer,” the players must isolate a woman from her group of friends before attempting a pick-up.

The challenges, shot using eight hidden microphones and three strategically placed hidden cameras, give the players the opportunity to demonstrate their superior seductive prowess in the real-life battlefield of big-city bars and night clubs.

Back at the “VIP Lounge,” the show’s expert “playa” panel, comprised of pick-up specialists Alen, Peachez, Sheldon and Chris, observe the competitors in action while delivering their no-holds-barred thoughts on each performance. At the end of each episode, the panel picks a winner based on who demonstrates the most “game.” The champ is awarded “the Keys to the VIP” – a VIP club experience with full bottle service at an exclusive party hot spot.

“As the great philosopher Pat Benetar once said, “Love is a battlefield,” and these competitors prove it every night… stopping bar fights, buying drinks and getting phone numbers all in a matter of minutes,” said Brent Haynes, Vice President, The Comedy Network and Space. Keys to the VIP will show you what game really is and how you probably don’t have as much of it as you think you do.”

“After Season 1, I didn’t think it could get any better, but this year’s competitors proved us all wrong,” said panelist and creator Alen Bubich. “Every player and so called “playa” put on their game face and came ready to play. Be prepared to witness some of the greatest and most embarrassing moments in seduction history!”

Since Keys premiered last October, buzz surrounding the series quickly spread from the night clubs to bachelor pads, campuses and computer screens across the country. Reports from fans at The University of Western Ontario describe stories of rowdy Keys pre-club screening parties. Meanwhile, recent open-call street auditions in Toronto’s entertainment district drew large crowds of wannabe playas and on-lookers. The series is also one of the most-viewed programs on The Comedy Network’s broadband channel at TheComedyNetwork.ca

This season, “arm-chair” experts also have an opportunity to weigh in on the action. Following each episode, viewers will get one week to choose their favourite playa featured in that nights’ show by visiting Keys to the VIP on TheComedyNetwork.ca. The playa with the most votes at the end of the season will be crowned “Playa of the Year,” named to the Keys to the VIP Hall of Fame and receive a VIP trip to Las Vegas, including air fare and accommodations. By voting, viewers qualify to win one of 13 Comedy Network prize packs – odds of winning increase with every vote!

Also featured this season is the ComedyNetwork.ca’s “Keys to the VIP Playa Quiz.” This summer, The Comedy Network and Keys to the VIP hit the streets and surveyed hundreds of club girls to find out what they really look for in a guy. Looks or personality? Boxers or briefs? What makes an ideal first date? Their answers were compiled and used to build an interactive quiz for wannabe playas. Fans can find out how they measure up when this real-life litmus test is released October 15 on TheComedyNetwork.ca.

Encore episodes from Season 1 of Keys to the VIP air Sundays at 4:30 p.m. ET following Sportscentre and NFL football on CTV. This season viewers can also view new episodes on-demand at TheComedyNetwork.ca at 9 a.m. the morning following its television broadcast, in addition to the complete first season.

Thirteen are left. Who will be voted out tonight?

At Fei Long, Jean-Robert is happy to still be in the game and his game plan is starting to kick in. He’s putting more in around camp and people are noticing him. He thinks Courtney is incredibly lucky to be around camp still. Courtney wants to see him gone and is sick of his behaviour around camp still.

At Zhan Hu, they discover that their rice has gotten damp and has mold growing in it. Dave and Sherea get into a bit of a fight over what they’re going to do with the rice and then over some shells which Dave wants to keep. Sherea seems to have come out of her shell and seems quite on edge and difficult to live with.

The tribes get some tree mail which sounds like it involves the winners getting some sort of food reward.

The challenge takes place outside the temple in the evening and the aim of the game is to use some giant chopsticks to carry a fire ball and drop it into a chute which sends it down into a wok that contains some fireworks. There are three woks that each team needs to ignite but each time a longer, more difficult set of chopsticks will need to be used. The winners of the challenge will have a fisherman come to their camp to teach them to fish and will bring spices, vegetables and make them a meal. And as has become the tradition this time, the winning tribe will kidnap a member of the losing tribe.

It’s a difficult task with the teams dropping the fireball constantly. It’s fairly even but Fei Long have a slight lead. James and Jean-Robert struggle to lift the final fireball giving Zhan Hu a chance to catch up but they eventually get the ball down the chute and win the challenge. Fei Long kidnap Dave which will no doubt please some of the members of Zhan Hu. Dave himself is pretty happy to be being kidnapped and is looking forward to getting a good meal in his stomach.

Dave opens the scroll and is quite happy to find out about the immunity idol. He decides to trust Todd with the scroll and forms a mini alliance with him. The third clue reads:

When creatures of night take flight as they may, a treasure they carry allows one to stay.

Zhan Hu are pretty happy to not have Dave around and are wondering what Fei Long are making of him. However, they’re realising just how much he did around camp and are having to pick up that slack. Erik is tired and Sherea is just lazing around.

The fishing boat arrive and there is a whole family. Jean-Robert is full of surprises and starts speaking to them in Mandarin which he learnt as a kid when he lived in Taiwan for a short time. The family take two of them out fishing and have birds with them which they tie string around their necks so they can’t swallow the fish. They also show them how to use the net. The food is prepared and it looks so good. The whole tribe ate like kings and loved the flavour and the taste of the food that was prepared right in front of them and how much better it tasted that the chicken nuggets that they normally cook in their ovens.

It’s time for the immunity challenge and it involves breaking vases. However, each player will be dressed in traditional Chinese armour and they must throw and knock off the vases which are standing on bamboo poles. Zhan Hu takes the first round and lead 1 – 0 but in the second round, Fei Long take the lead with 3 throws to 1. In the final round. Jamie shoots and takes out two to even it out at 3-3. Fei Long then scores one more to win the challenge and sending Zhan Hu back to Tribal Council.

Dave feels very strange being back at camp and is a little worried about Tribal Council. The general consensus is that it’s going to come down to either Dave or Sherea. It sounds from the conversations that it will be Sherea going home purely because she doesn’t pull her weight around camp. However, Erik would like to have a double elimination and get rid of both Dave and Sherea.

At Tribal Council, the votes are counted and it’s Dave being sent home.

It’s interesting to note that Jeff hasn’t made any mention of the Individual Immunity Idol yet at Tribal Council.

China is home to the Beijing Olympics in 2008