Love Is In The Air

Here’s what happened this week on Survivor China:

At Zhan Hu they’ve finally had a good nights sleep after voting Dave out at Tribal Council last night. Peigh Gee semi steps up into the leadership role while Sherea is hoping for some drama in camp. I’m not sure how that is going to happen though since the most drama was with her and Dave and now he’s gone.

Jamie and Erik have been forming a bit of a relationship and Erik compares it to like being in the garden of eden with her minus the fruit. He tells her he’s still a virgin and Jamie says that that makes him a lot more trustworthy. She confides in him about the immunity idol.

At Fei Long Denise and James are working together and collect fish for breakfast. When they arrive back a boat arrives with a couple of chinese fisherman with a message. It reads that they need to choose two warriors from the other tribe that they think will best strengthen theirs. They circle Sherea and Frosti and hand the note back to the fisherman who goes to pick them up and bring them back to their camp.

At Zhan Hu, they get their same message. Fei Long think that it will be a swap out on both teams but Zhan Hu think that they’re the only ones getting two new members. When Aaron and James arrive Zhan Hu realise the twist and are in shock.

Aaron and James are pretty annoyed at the break in the momentum that Fei Long had had. Jean-Robert isn’t happy at losing one of his strongest allies in the game and Denise is feeling the same. Jean-Robert talks to his remaining tribe members about the possibility of losing and what options they would have at tribal council and that they should pick off Sherea and Frosti.

When James and Aaron arrive, they bring a bounty of food and drink. James tells them that he’ll work hard at camp and they fire them up to hopefully win the next challenge.

Frosti and Sherea are hoping that arriving at a new tribe will be a whole new opportunity for them. Everyone else is worried that Jean-Robert is going to be uncomfortable to be around while he’s strutting his feathers now that he’s the strongest left now that Aaron and James are gone. Frosti is so happy to hear the complaining about Jean-Robert and feels a little safer in his new home.

Aaron talks to his new tribemates about James and how he may be an “Immunity Hog” if he makes it to the merge. Peigh-Gee talks to Jamie about throwing the next challenges to ensure they remove two strong threats and if they merge at 10 as her hunch suggests, then it will be even at 5 each from the two tribes.

At the immunity challenge, the teams have to send two people to swim out to a platform and then one at a time, dive down an pull out some bamboo rods and release twelve puzzle pieces of the Chinese Zodiac. Zhan Hu get a big lead thanks to Aaron and Erik but Peigh-Gee and Jamie waste time giving Fei Long the chance to catch up and win the challenge. Back at camp James is mad. Jamie is laughing. Erik goes to talk to them and they tell him that they threw it.

They talk about getting rid of Aaron first because they don’t really trust him as much. James says he wants to go though and that Aaron deserves to stay. Aaron says he’s going to vote for James at Tribal Council to try and earn some trust in the camp.

At Tribal Council, the truth comes out about throwing the challenge and James is pissed. He votes Peigh-Gee and Aaron votes James but everyone else has written his name down so Aaron is going home.

It’s a very strategic play which Jeff tells them could play well if their assumption is correct.

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