Josie & Alec are eliminated

Two huge nights in the ballroom. The women launched an opening night attack. Then last night, the men answered that challenge in style in one of the most entertaining shows in the history of Dancing with the Stars. Tonight, the dance duel will be decided. Who will be the first to fall?

The judges thought that this was by far the best start to any season. The want to see Sabrina and Mark’s Cha Cha Cha again so they take to the floor as The Pussycat Dolls - PCD - Don't Cha Don’t Cha plays and they burn it up.

The rankings after the judges totals are as follows:

12th Josie & Alec 16/30
11th Floyd & Karina 18/30
10th Wayne & Cheryl 19/30
5th Jennie & Derek 21/30
5th Marie & Jonathan 21/30
5th Cameron & Edyta 21/30
5th Albert & Anna 21/30
5th Mark & Kym 21/30
3rd Mel B & Maks 24/30
3rd Jane & Tony 24/30
2nd Helio & Julianne 25/30
1st Sabrina & Mark 26/30

The judges totals only make up half of the vote that will decide who is going home. The other half is made up of America’s votes.

The first two couples that are saved is Sabrina and Mark. The second couple that are safe is Jennie and Derek.

The first lady of country, Dolly Parton, is here tonight to perform. She sings Dolly Parton - Dolly Parton: Greatest Hits - 9 to 5 9 to 5.

Next safe is Helio & Julianne and Albert & Anna.

The greatest tap dancer, Savion Glover, who did the motion-capture dancer for Mumble, the penguin in the animated movie Happy Feet, dances for the audience before Dolly Parton sings her new song Dolly Parton - Better Get to Livin' - Single - Better Get to Livin' Better Get to Livin’.

Got to love the segment, The Origins of Dance with Kenny Mayne, where Kenny asks one of the cast from Cavemen if neanderthals created dance.

The next couple safe are Mel B and Maks and joining them is Cameron and Edyta.

Jane & Tony are then told they’re safe. Wayne & Cheryl are also safe. Marie and Josie are safe leaving Josie and Alec with the lowest combined total from the women.

From the men, Floyd and Karina are safe leaving Mark & Kym with the lowest combined total on Tuesday.

Josie and Alec are the first to be eliminated and get one final dance as The Cars - The Cars: Complete Greatest Hits - Drive Drive plays.

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