Halfway there marathon!

Tila is a model, singer and the most popular girl in the history of MySpace and she’s finally ready to get serious about finding someone to get serious with.

The only catch is that Tila is bisexual — so she isn’t sure if she should settle down with a man or a woman.

MTV found sixteen straight guys and sixteen lesbians to vie for her love and attention.

The finalists move into her mansion and live together while each week, Tila narrows down her suitors from the group of 32 paramours.

Will the best man or woman win Tila Tequila’s heart? Is there more chemistry with the men or the women?

Catch-up on the first five steamy episodes of “A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila.”

Sunday, November 25 from 1 – 6 p.m. ET on MTV

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  • a shot AT love:AN open letter to Tila Tequila

    to Miss Tila Tequila
    Hello, my name is Andrew ******
    And recentley I have been working at Mtv on a television project of my own, and while I have been at the studio and as such I have seen a fair share of their programming, however recentley I had the distinct displeausre of seeing your show, FIRST off let me just say I hate what you are doing, using men and women to fill out your sexual needs and fantasy’s then calling it “love” is complete and utter sleaze of course what else could we expect from a women who has made her career of whoring herself, then of course you would also be the type of person who picks everyone on your show out of a banana republic catalogue, Oh Tila when will you realize that what you really want is someone you can share a strong mental reltaionship with instead of just a physical one or will that only occur once your 40 and having blown your looks away end up working in a sleazy strip club outside of san antonio where patrons have to duck in order to not get hit by your saggy breasts which are used to mop up the floor, laslty although I may be an agnostic but your speech on how you defend yourself while saying God guided you is the most self serving piece of writing I have read since I read “mommy there are celbrities in the laundry hamper”, and further more repeating points in order to make your letter longer and seem more important does !NOT! actually work, and neither does trying to defend yourself and kissing ass, so really all im saying is that your a horrible person who has made no contributions to mankind and have only given hopes for other whores like you.
    P.S. you know a good way to start contrbuting to society would be to suceed on your 4th suicide try

  • choker

    i would like to retract my earlier comment