Deal With It

The Saloon is alive with a party tonight although a few of the kids aren’t there because they knew that there was a showdown in the morning and they’d need to be ready for it.

The council ring the bell and wakes everyone up. The town is a mess and needs some real work done. They read the journal which talks about how Bonanza City got into trouble because they all stayed at the saloon too late. They need to make some laws. They decide to set a curfew of 9:30pm which they hope will restore some order.

Greg and Sophia face off because Greg is cussing and there are young kids around. Greg just wants people to do their jobs and doesn’t want breakfast at noon.

8 year old Mallory is a little scared by all the mean talk by the older kids. Olivia comforts her. She misses her family.

Some of the boys head out and chase some cattle while Sophia and Morgan clean latrines.

In the kitchen the yellow team are having a food fight with all the flour. For breakfast, there is a handful of hashbrowns, literally, because they don’t want to wash the plates.

This weeks showdown is all about rounding up sheep. Each sheep has a name on it and an ace in their team’s color. The council members have a wanted list and act as sherrifs calling out the names of the sheep on their lists that have the aces around their neck. The district to get three aces first will win the Upperclass. It is down to blue and yellow and yellow take the upperclass. Blue take the merchants and it starts to rain. Green comes in third and are the cooks and the red district have fallen from upperclass in week one to the laborers this week and manage to complete the task with just 5 minutes to go.

The reward are either a microwave and a barrel of cocoa or 40 hot pizzas. The council decides on the microwave and cocoa despite the rest of the kids wanting the pizza.

It’s a bit of a mission enforcing the curfew but Taylor is bossy enough to get the job done.

In the morning, the chores are done just before a big storm blows into town and pushes over the outhouses.

Cody got a bunch of dirt in his eye during the storm and is thinking about going home. Mallory is also thinking about going home as it’s beginning to be a really hard slog in this town.

The council hear from each of the kids and while a few kids vote for Greg, there are a lot of people voting for Morgan. Morgan then says that everyone deserves it. Olivia then comes in and votes for Mallory because it’s her birthday and she always has a smile no matter what her job and she always works hard.

The town has their meeting and once again the town has a go at Taylor who breaks down and cries. She then says they’re going to work harder to make the town better.

It’s time for the gold star and this week the council are giving it to Mallory.

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