CTV Tops Global by up to 80% in Key Demos

When you’re Number 2, you’ll say anything. A misleading announcement today by Global Television failed to provide an accurate view of Canada’s fall ratings picture. In fact, CTV remains Canada’s most-watched broadcaster by a wide margin in both key selling demos and total viewers.

On Oct. 2, Global Television issued a media release regarding “Premiere Week Ratings” beginning Sept. 24, stating that “the first week of the fall TV season is now complete.” Today, Global issued another release in which they magically moved the start of “Premiere Week” seven days earlier to Sept. 17. Conveniently, that’s a week mostly full of repeat broadcasts that comes before what is generally considered the official start of the Fall TV Season on Sept. 24. Contrary to providing “a straightforward, consistent look” at the ratings as stated in today’s announcement, Global needs to get their story straight.

Additionally, Global misrepresents the complete ratings picture in Canada by continuing to ignore a key sales demo for the Canadian advertising industry, A25-54. A real look at the fall TV season, with current and up-to-date data starting Sept. 24 and representing both key selling demos, indicates that CTV remains Canada’s No. 1 broadcaster with 7 out of the Top 10 shows in both A25-54 and A18-49. Among total viewers, CTV takes 8 out of the Top 10. Far from being a “dead heat,” Canada’s so-called “ratings race” is anything but with CTV far and away the No. 1 network in the country.

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