Contestant Mark Szliard

CONTESTANT BIO: MARK SZLIARD, Environmental Engineer

Mark is a 30-year-old Environmental Engineer who lives in Toronto. He got his Bachelors degree in Engineering from McMaster University. He says that he loves to solve problems and that protecting the environment is very important to him.

Mark Szliard

His job involves helping businesses “go green” with energy conservation. Mark loves adventure and travel. He has a music studio in his house where he plays the keyboard, drums and guitar. Mark’s friends describe him as one of the smartest people they know as well as a charming and handsome man.

Mark would donate some of his prize money to charities in developing countries and then buy a house.

About the author

  • Stephanie

    mark is also one of the only attractive contestants they’ve had on the show… How can we win him as a prize??

  • Joelle

    Mark is very handsome! Did they mention if he was single? How can I get his phone number?
    He could dance around my livingroom anytime!