Contestant Genevieve Wu

CONTESTANT BIO: GENEVIEVE WU, Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Genevieve is a high energy 28-year-old born in Nova Scotia who now works and lives in Toronto. Genevieve is a first generation Canadian. Her mother is from Taiwan and her father is from Hong Kong. She has what she describes as a “serious phobia” of squirrels.

Genevieve Wu

While she is only 4’11”, she claims to be able to piggy back people twice her weight. Genevieve is an avid traveler and next on her list of destinations are Africa, South America, and Antarctica.

If she wins some money on the show she hopes to continue her travels.

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  • Jane

    Genevieve really impressed our family! Not only is she gorgeous, she has such a vibrant & spunky personality!! It’s disappointing that she was given such a trick question. All the Canadian dictionaries we have consulted has either 4 syllables for the word, “elementary” OR 5, so it was a either or, not “elementary is ALWAYS 5 syllables”. It really is a matter of pronunication. Good luck, Gen in all you do, because your awesome personality certainly sparkled & captured our hearts!
    All the best!
    Janet S.

  • karen

    I agree with the comments above. 4 syllables should have been an acceptable answer. Genevieve should be compensated for this blunder by the show.