Contestant Andrew Oster


Andrew is a 26 year old veterinarian originally from Brampton, Ontario now residing in Midland, Ontario. He takes care of all types of animals large and small, everything from horses, cats, dogs and cows.

Andrew Oster

He has some very interesting stories about his work. He can be described as a big loveable guy, his nickname is “Moose”. He lives with his parents and has been dating his girlfriend for 8 years. Andrew loves to wear his lucky cow tie and sweater vests.

He was valedictorian of his graduating Veterinarian class.

About the author

  • Kat

    THEY’VE BEEN DATING FOR EIGHT YEARS?!! I thought she said “a year” & when Colin asked Andrew “What is he waiting for?” I wasn’t sure why he asked that… but I certainly did LOVE Andrew’s response (which was “a MILLION Dollars” Awwwww, what a lovable boyfriend!
    He also kept really cool on the show, good job Andrew!!! You were very lovable & entertaining!